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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Page 29 - St Athan Airshow 14/09/1963 [and hopefully 1964]

R.A.F St Athan Airshow held 14/9/1963

There were two reports for this airshow. The first indicates a member of Air Britain who logged the following aircraft. The Flying Static comment indicates that it may have been located in one or the other or possibly both as it could have displayed from St Athan. 

Static Aircraft
Serial Type Unit Location Other Information
XP249Auster AOP.9No.19MU/St AthanStatic
6232Be.2C Replica-Static
XM708Gnat T.1(No.4FTS/Valley?)StaticCoded "94"
TG518Hastings C.1-StaticCoded "518"
WV398Hunter No.4 SoTT/R.A.F St AthanStaticallocated 7767M
XH900JavelinNo.4SoTT/R.A.F St AthanStaticallocated 7811M
XA657Javelin FAW.1No.19MU/St AthanStatic5 Sqdn/R.A.F Laarbruch - coded "L"
XA708Javelin FAW.1No.19MU/St Athan Static151 Sqdn/R.A.F Watton - coded "U"
XA717Javelin FAW.1(Possibly on No.19MU/St Athan strength for servicing)Flying/Static11 Sqdn/R.A.F Geilenkirchen - coded "N"
XP575Jet Provost T.4
StaticCoded "50"
494083Junkers JU-87G "Stuka"No.19MU/St AthanStaticCoded "RI-JK"
WK941Meteor F.8-Static/Flying 
WA577 Sycamore Mk.3 No.4 SoTT/R.A.F St AthanStatic allocated 7718M
7707MValiant B.1 No.4 SoTT/R.A.F St Athan Static Formerly WP201
7753MValiant B.1 No.4 SoTT/R.A.F St Athan Static Formerly WP204
XE872 Vampire T.11(No.19MU/St Athan) Static
WF423 Varsity T.1 - Static/Flying  Coded "P"
XA912 Vulcan B.1 - Static
XP350 Whirlwind HAR.10 22 Sqdn/St Mawgan HQ but likely to have been Chivenor based Static/Flying

In use with the No.4SoTT hangar were:

Serial Type Unit Location Other Information
N1671DefiantNo.19MU/St AthanHangaron refurbishment
7489MHunter F.1No.4 SoTT/R.A.F St AthanHangarFormerly WT567
7490MHunter F.1No.4 SoTT/R.A.F St AthanStaticFormerly WT568
7521MHunter F.1No.4 SoTT/R.A.F St AthanStaticFormerly WW644
7771MHunter F.1No.4 SoTT/R.A.F St AthanStaticFormerly XF309
7772MHunter F.1No.4 SoTT/R.A.F St AthanStaticFormerly XF370
7689MP Provost T.1No.4 SoTT/R.A.F St AthanStaticFormerly WW421
7693MP Provost T.1No.4SoTT/R.A.F St AthanStaticFormerly WV483

Recorded as flying only were:
There appears to be a number of aircraft which could have been joint static/flyers or day visitors and I have marked these which I would imagine to be both with an asterix.

Serial Type Unit Location Other Information
[50573]RB-66D Destroyer-FlyingIncorrect serial
 - need confirmation
54-1466RF-101G Voodoo-Flying-
-F-100 -Flying-
TX177*Anson C.19RAF Maintenance CommandFlying
XR109Argosy C.1-Flying
XP827*Beaver AL.1
XM518Britannia C.199/511 Sqdn/Brize NortonFlying
WH869Canberra B.2-Static/Flying
WJ681Canberra B.2-Static/Flying[98 Sqdn markings]
WJ820Canberra B.2-Static/Flying
WB569*Chipmunk T.10[Possibly Wales UAS Aircraft]Static/Flying
WB733*Chipmunk T.1o[Possibly Wales UAS Aircraft]Static/Flying
WK145Canberra B.2-Static/Flying
WK162Canberra B.2-Static/Flying
XR399Comet C.1-Flying-
VP976*Devon C.2-Static/Flying-
XG326*Lightning F.1-Static/Flying
XF441Hunter F.6-Flying
XG157Hunter F.6-Flying
XG170Hunter F.6-Flying
XF447Hunter F.6-Flying-
XG235Hunter F.6-Flying-
PZ865Hurricane IIBR.A.F Historic Flight/ColtishallStatic/Flying
XH392Javelin T.3-Flying
XH967Javelin FAW.841 Sqdn/WattishamFlyingCoded "L"
XH968Javelin FAW.841 Sqdn/WattishamFlyingCoded "P"
XH969Javelin FAW.841 Sqdn/WattishamFlyingCoded "J"
XH978Javelin FAW.841 Sqdn/WattishamFlyingCoded"E"
XD224Scimitar F.1736 Sqdn/LossiemouthFlyingCoded "LM/614"
XP616Jet Provost T.4-FlyingCoded "37"
XP626Jet Provost T.4-FlyingCoded "39"
XP633Jet Provost T.4-FlyingCoded "41"
XR699Jet Provost T.4-FlyingCoded "34"
XJ482Sea Vixen FAW.1766 Sqdn/Yeovilton - part of "Freds Five" Display Team/RN YeoviltonFlyingCoded "VL/713"
XJ523Sea Vixen FAW.1766 Sqdn/Yeovilton - part of "Freds Five" Display Team/RN YeoviltonStatic/FlyingCoded "VL/710"
XJ575Sea Vixen FAW.1766 Sqdn/Yeovilton - part of "Freds Five" Display Team/RN YeoviltonFlyingCoded "VL/720"
XN686Sea Vixen FAW.1766 Sqdn/Yeovilton - part of "Freds Five" Display Team/RN YeoviltonFlyingCoded "VL/722"
WL796Shackleton MR.2C 204 Sqdn/R.A.F BallykennyFlyingCoded "M"
WR988Shackleton MR.3201 Sqdn/R.A.F St MawganFlyingCoded "K"
AB910Spitfire Mk.1Historic Flight/R.A.F ColtishallFlying
XP294Twin Pioneer CC.2-FlyingWhite top/grey lower
WZ391Valiant B(PR).K1543 Sqdn/R.A.F WytonFlying
XD830Valiant B.190 Sqdn/R.A.F HoningtonFlying
XJ772Vampire T.11-FlyingCoded "69"
WJ893Varsity T.1-Flying
XM715Victor B.1-Flying
XH502Vulcan B.1-Flying

Following the show a second enthusiast managed to observe and provide a list of more airframes which were on site that day.

No 4 Sott Training airframes
Type Serial's


Valiant B.1WP201/7707MWP204/7753M
Hunter VersionsWT569/7491MWW632/A/7516MWV398/RS-28/7767MXF309/7771M

Javelin VersionsXA627/7661MXA618/7725MXH900/D/7811MXA544/7558M
Sycamore Mk.3WA577/7518M

Canberra VersionsWH695/7657MWH701/7659MWV483/7693MWW450/P-A/7688M


Provost T.1WV438/RO-Q/7691MWW421/7689M

Meteor FR.9VW364/7383MVZ568/7261M
Meteor F.8WA765/B/7264M

R.A.F St Athan Museum Collection

Type Serial's
Sopwith Scout D replicaA1742M
Sopwith Camel ReplicaF1921
BE-2 Replica6232
Bleriot MonoplaneNo.22

On MU Strength on the day were -

Serial Type Unit Location Other Information
VX185Canberra-HangarAllocated 7631M
XH690Javelin FAW.5 -Hangar[5 Sqdn/- markings]
XH691Javelin FAW.5-Hangar
XA695Javelin FAW.5-Hangar
XA647Javelin FAW.5-Hangar
XA713Javelin FAW.5-Hangar[Code W/151  Sqdn markings]
XA654Javelin FAW.5-Hangar
XA705Javelin FAW.5-Hangar[Code N/5 Sqdn markings]
XA660Javelin FAW.5-Hangar[Code A/11  Sqdn markings]
XA707Javelin FAW.5-Hangar[Code B/5 Sqdn markings]
WG364Chipmunk T.10-Hangar[Possibly Wales UAS Aircraft]
WT514Canberra PR.7 -Hangar[80 Sqdn markings]
XA697Javelin FAW.5-Hangar[Code O/5 Sqdn markings]
XA716Javelin FAW.5-Hangar[Code H/11 Sqdn markings]
XA664Javelin FAW.5-Hangar[5 Sqdn markings]
XA714Javelin FAW.5-Hangar[Code D/11  Sqdn markings]
XA665Javelin FAW.5-Hangar
XA665Javelin FAW.5-Hangar[Code F/151 Sqdn markings]
XA651Javelin FAW.5-Hangar[Code D/151 Sqdn markings]
XA170Javelin FAW.5-Hangar[Code 7/151 Sqdn markings]
XA693Javelin FAW.5-Hangar-
XA718Javelin FAW.5-Hangar[Code R/5 Sqdn markings]-
XA712Javelin FAW.5-Hangar[Code H/151 Sqdn markings]
XE872Vampire T.11-Hangar[Code 62]
WZ565Vampire T.11-HangarCoded "38"
XE894Vampire T.11-Hangar-
XD438Vampire T.11-HangarCoded "51"
XD428Vampire T.11-Hangar
XH311Vampire T.11-HangarCoded "71"
WP212Valiant B.1-Hangar
WP213Valiant B.1-Hangar
WP215Valiant B.1-Hangar
WP216Valiant B.1-Hangar
WP220Valiant B.1
WZ361Valiant B.1-Outside Storage
WZ362Valiant B.1-Outside Storage
WZ364Valiant B.1-Outside Storage
WZ365Valiant B.1-Outside Storage
WZ368Valiant B.1-Outside Storage
WZ371Valiant B.1-Outside Storage
WZ372Valiant B.1-Outside Storage
WZ374Valiant B.1-Outside Storage
WZ381Valiant B.1-Outside Storage
WP212Valiant B.1-Outside Storage
All the Valiant B.1 listed above had been declared Non-Effective and awaiting scrapping following the withdrawal of the complete fleet from R.A.F service due to corrosion issues.

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