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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Page 55 - St Athan Airshow 1990

Mikeyf noted the following at the Battle of Britain At Home Airshow on 15th Sept 1990 - the following participants – with thanks to BAR for additional notes and Keith Morgan for the pics

81-0962/WR [bl] A-10A 91stTFS/81stTFW/Woodbridge
82-0649/WR [bl] A-10A 91stTFS/81stTFW/Woodbridge
B-67 Bo-105CB GPLV/Deelen AFB/KLu
MT-36 CM-170R Magister RBAF
E-606 F-16A Danish AF
ET-204 F-16B Danish AF [neither aircraft carried units badges]
FA-97 F-16A 1 Sqdn/RBAF
FA-123 F-16A 1 Sqdn/RBAF
XX105 BAC 1-11 Srs.201AC RAE Bedford
XZ431 Buccaneer S.2B 12 Sqdn/Lossiemouth
(XX635)/8767M Bulldog T.1 CTTS/St Athan
WP515 /CD Canberra PR.7 St Athan MU [100 Sqdn/Wyton marks]

WP515/CD Canberra PR.7
WK572/X Chipmunk T.10 3 AEF/Filton
XS731/J Dominie T.1 6 FTS/Finningley
XZ968/3G Harrier GR.3 233 OCU/Wittering
XX231/231 Hawk T.1 4 FTS/Valley
XX231/231 Hawk T.1

XX303/303 Hawk T.1A 234 Sqdn/1 TWU/Brawdy
XX832/S Jaguar T.2A 226 OCU/Lossiemouth

XX832/S Jaguar T.2A
XX718 Jaguar replica RAFEF/Abingdon- plastic airframe
XP558/8627M Jet Provost T.4 CTTS/St Athan

XP558/8627M Provost T.4
XX494/B Jetstream T.1 6 FTS/Finningley
(G-ALYW) Nimrod RAFEF/Abingdon – mock fuselage
XV582/M Phantom FG.1 111 Sqdn/Leuchars
ZA935/CT Puma HC.1 33 Sqdn/Odiham
ZD743 Tornado GR.1 St Athan MU
ZE201/AQ Tornado F.3 St Athan MU [still 229OCU/Coningsby marks]

ZE201/AQ Tornado F.3
ZF168/168 Tucano T.1 7 FTS/Church Fenton
ZF168/160 Tucano T.1

ZE695 Sea Harrier FRS.1 St Athan MU
ZE695 Harrier FRS.1

Hangar (number not known)
XV469/AO Phantom FGR.2 St Athan MU – 92 Sqdn marks
ZD810 Tornado GR.1 St Athan MU

Hangar (number not known)
XP542/8575M Gnat T.1 CTTS/St Athan
XW630 Harrier GR.3 St Athan MU
XV591 Phantom FG.1 BDRF/St Athan

Hangar (number not known)
(BAPC.82) Fi103
TJ138/(7607M) Mosquito TT.35
PK624/(8072M) Spitfire F.22
RW393/(7293M) Spitfire XVIe

RW393/XT-A Spitfire XVIe
unknown Spitfire bare metal
XM602 Vulcan B.2 101 Sqdn marks – outside hangar
G-AEEH HM.14 Pon Du Ciel

Hangar (number not known – Former Musuem)
5844 Avro 544K replica
6232/(BAPC.41) Be.2c replica
XA243 Grasshopper TX.1 634 VGS/St Athan
LA198/RAI-G Spitfire F.21
PK664/V6-B Spitfire F.22
SL542/4M-N (8390M) Spitfire Xvi
ZE558 Viking T.1 634 VGS/St Athan with ZE589/ZE590

A-350 Alouette III Grasshoppers/KLU
with A-351, A-390, A-398 and A-499
61-0286 EC-135H 10thACCS/Mildenhall
J-060 F-16A 315 Sqdn/KLU
276 SH-14C Lynx 860 Sqdn/De Kooy/MLD
XS644/644 Andover E.3A 115 Sqdn/Benson
XT287 Buccaneer S.2B 237 OCU/Lossiemouth
XV163 Buccaneer S.2B 237 OCU/Lossiemouth
XX714/12 Bulldog T.1 CFS/Scampton
WJ715/CV Canberra TT.18 100 Sqdn/Wyton
ZA704/FJ Chinook HC.1 240 OCU/Odiham
XW864 ‘CU/(5)54’ Gazelle HT.2 705 Sqdn/Culdrose
XW868 ‘CU/(5)50’ Gazelle HT.2 705 Sqdn/Culdrose
ZA802/W Gazelle HT.3 2 FTS/Shawbury
ZA803/X Gazelle HT.3 2 FTS/Shawbury
? Harrier GR.5 233 OCU/Wittering
XX165/165 Hawk T.1 4 FTS/Valley
XX231/231 Hawk T.1 4 FTS/Valley
XV295/295 Hercules C.1 LTW/Lyneham
? Jaguar GR.1A 226 OCU/Lossiemouth
XW325/E Jet Provest T.5B 6 FTS/Finningley
XW428/C Jet Provest T.5B 6 FTS/Finningley
RR299/HT-E Mosquito T.3 BAe Chester
XV240/40 Nimrod MR.2 St Mawgan Wing/St Mawgan
XV425/CD Phantom FGR.2 228 OCU/Coningsby
XV648 ‘-/582’ Sea King HAS.5 706 Sqdn/Culdrose
WL757/57 Shackleton AEW.2 8 Sqdn/Lossiemouth
ZA564/JK Tornado GR.1 27 Sqdn/Marham
ZE292/AU Tornado F.3 229 OCU/Coningsby
ZF145/145 Tucano T.1 7 FTS/ChurchFenton
ZF171/171 Tucano T.1 7 FTS/ChurchFenton
XV722 Wessex HC.2 22 Sqdn/Chivenor (SAR duties)
XV723 Wessex HC.2 2 FTS/Shawbury
(G-VIDI)/WE402 Venom FB.54 Private
XH558 Vulcan B.2 Vulcan Display Team/Waddington

XW550 Buccaneer S.2B fuselage only

XW550 Buccaneer S.2B
WJ861/BF Canberra T.4 St Athan MU

WJ861/BF Canberra T.4
XH133 Canberra PR.9 St Athan MU store

XH133 Canberra PR.9
XH165 Canberra PR.9 St Athan MU store
XH165 Canberra PR.9
WH780/853 Canberra T.22 St Athan Store

WH797/851 Canberra T.22 St Athan Store
WH801/850 Canberra T.22 St Athan Store
WH801/850 Canberra T.22
WH803/856 Canberra T.22 St Athan Store
WT510/854 Canberra T.22 St Athan Store
WT525/855 Canberra T.22 St Athan Store
WT525/855 + WH797/851 Canberra T.22
WT535/852 Canberra T.22 St Athan Store
.............  Canberra T.22
(XP502)/8576M Gnat T.1 CTTS/St Athan
XW409/123 Jet Provost T.5A CTTS/St Athan

XV156/(8773M) Buccaneer S.2A dumped fuselage only
WK144/(8689M) Canberra B.2 dumped fuselage + wings only
XW763 Harrier GR.3 dumped
XF526/78/E Hunter F.6 dumped
XV591 Phantom FG.1 dumped
XL163/(8916M) Victor K.2 dumped

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