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Friday, January 2, 2009

Page 3 - Aircraft Incidents in Southern Wales 1940

Page 3 Aircraft Incidents in Southern Wales 1940

Date Serial/Registration Aircraft Type Details
02/01/1940 N5637 Gladiator II Operated by No.263 Sqdn/Filton.
Flight of three [N5628, N5636 and N5637] made precautionary landing near Pontardawe. Upon take-off this aircraft hit fencing and crashed nearby. Successfully repaired it re-entered service.[N5628 is on display at R.A.F Hendon following its return from a fjord in Norway]

07/01/1940 L2074 Hurricane I Operated by No.11 Group Pool/St Athan
Crashed near Mynydd Maendy, near Nant-y-Moel, Glamorgan, whilst on detachment at R.A.F St Athan. [R.I.P]
07/01/1940 N7256/ZS-L Hudson I Operated by No.233 Sqdn/Leuchars
Operating out of St Athan the aircraft crashed near Mynydd Aber very close to site of Hurricane listed above. The crew were unaware of first crash. flight test after installation of ASV radar. It strayed off course and crashed at about 14:30 into the same cloud covered Mynydd Maendy, near Nant-y-Moel, Glamorgan.
All five on board were killed, Sergeant (Pilot) Francis F. Bousfield, Sergeant (Pilot) Frank F. Hallam, Leading Aircraftman (W. Op.) Arthur W. Smith, Mr R.K. Beattie (civilian contractor) and another unnamed civilian contractor.
More information can be seen at 

18/01/1940 L5065 Battle 1 Operated by 7thBGS. Aircraft bellylanded into trees near Cardiff after its engine cut out
11/02/1940 L3339 Henley II Operated by No.7 BGS Aircraft stalled and dived into the ground on Margam Bombing Range, Port Talbot killing the two crew. Became 1812M.
11/02/1940 K4340 Wallace II Operated by No.7 BGS flew into the sea, climbed, stalled and hit rocks in a crashlanding off Porthcawl. It was then consumed by fire.
23/02/1940 K5086 Anson 1 Operated by School of Air Navigation/R.A.F St Athan.
Crashed on Rhossili Down, Gower

23/02/1940 K6278 Anson 1 Operated by School of Air Navigation/R.A.F St Athan.
Force landed in Morriston Park, Swansea

23/02/1940 K8227 Fury II Operated by No.2 FTS/R.A.F.
suffered an engine cut-out and tipped up in a forced landing at East Aberthaw. This had been allocated 1725M on 17/01/40 and may have been on delivery to St.Athan as a GIA.

23/02/1940 n5086 Anson 1 Operated by School of Air Navigation/St Athan.
Whilst on a navex flew into high ground at Rhosilli Hill in poor visibility.

26/02/1940 K7688 Battle 1 Operated by No.9 BGS.
Force landed on Prescelli Mountains whilst en-route to R.A.F Newton Down [Stormy Down]

02/03/1940 N9879 Anson 1 Operated by No.6 School of Air Navigation/Gloucester Staverton.
Struck high ground near Talgarth.

26/05/1940 L5069 Battle 1 Force landed near Fairwood Common on the North Gower road whilst flying Pembrey to Peterborough.
05/07/1940 P9454 Spitfire Mk.2 Operated by No.92 Sqdn/R.A.F Pembrey..
Following an engine failure, aircraft ditched on Crymlyn Bog near , recovered and repaired only to be shot down over Kent in December 1940.
31/07/1940 ???? ????? This crash saw an unidentified aircraft crash off Port Eynon/Gower.
06/08/1940 ???? ????? Engine cut, in the subsequent forced landing at Margam Range it overshot and struck a hedge. Repaired by Fairey, it later went to the RCAF as 1809.
13/09/1940 N9890 Anson 1 Operated by No.217 Sqdn/St Eval.
Force landed on Rhosilli Beach but destroyed by the incoming tide

22/09/1940 L8610 Blenheim I Operated by No.17 O.T.U/R.A.F Upwood.
Whilst on a training flight, the aircraft flew into a hill 3 miles south of Blaenavon.

26/09/1940 2670 "IG-DS" Heinkel HE.111 Operated by KG.27/Luftwaffe.
After the crew had made an attack in the UK, the aircraft hit a Barrage Balloon over Newport and crashed in Stow Park Avenue.

05/10/1940 T9907 Magister Unit not known.
Aircraft made emergency landing at Hunts Farm/Gower but upon take-off clipped hedge and overturned.

21/10/1940 K5688 Battle 1 Operated by 7 BGS/ R.A.F Stormy Down.
Aircraft crashed in a forced landing at Porthcawl.

01/11/1940 K6713 Hind Operated by 1 FTS.
Aircraft skidded on landing at Stormy Down and overturned. Became 2424M on 27/12/40

03/11/1940 K4422 Hart Special Operated by 2 FTS.
Aircraft suffered an engine cut and crashed in a forced landing on Margam Bombing Range, Port Talbot.

12/11/1940 T9044 Sunderland Sank in Pembroke Dock during a gale.
25/11/1940 L5635 Battle I Operated by No.7 BGS/R.A.F Stormy Down. Aircraft belly landed at Stormy Down after its undercarriage jammed.
27/11/1940 K7212 Whitley I Operated by No.7 BGS/R.A.F Stormy Down. Aircraft had an engine cut on take off, it forced landed 0.5 mile south of RAF Stormy Down suffering an undercarriage collapse.
09/12/1940 T2520 Wellington B.1C Operated by 115 Sqdn/R.A.F Marham. Aircraft crashed in bad weather at Blaen Duffryn Quarries, Tredegar following a bombing raid over Bordeaux.
28/12/1940 T4335 Whitley V Operated by 77 Sqdn/R.A.F . Aircraft crashed into a small copse near St.Athan Airfield on return from a bombing mission to the airfield at Merignac. At the time of the accident the Whitley was well East of its intended track, this was attributed to W/T failure and a very strong easterly wind. The crew all survived.
29/12/1940 W9123 Hurricane I Operated by No.7 F.P.P/R.A.F. Aircraft flew into high ground near Maesteg in bad visibility.

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