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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Page 28 - St Athan Airshow 14/09/1962

R.A.F St Athan Airshow held 1962

With due credit to a member of Air Britain the following were recorded at the "Battle of Britain" Airshow held on 15th Sept 1962

Static Aircraft
Serial Type Unit Location Other Information
XP251Auster AOP.9No.19MU/St AthanStatic
XP827Beaver AL.1No.19MU/St AthanStatic
G-ALBOBritanniaNo.4 SoTT/St AthanStaticallocated 7708M
WB733Chipmunk T.10University of Wales UAS/St AthanStaticalso flew in display
VP980DevonC.2ETPS/R.A.F FarnboroughStatic
LF363Hurricane IIBRAF Historic Flight, [forerunner of the BBMF]/ Biggin Hill.Static
XN576Jet Provost T.3CFS/Little Rissington [Fairford based]StaticCoded 79
XP665Jet Provost T.4No.2 FTS/South CerneyStaticCoded 38
7707MValiant B.1No.4 SoTT/St AthanStaticFormerly WP201
7753MValiant B.1No.4 SoTT/St AthanStaticFormerly WP204
XD608Vampire T.11Unit not knownStatic
WJ940Varisty T.1Signals CommandStatic

Over at the No. 4 School of Technical Training "Maintenance Hangar" was a further Static Display.
Serial Type Unit Location Other Information
WH701Canberra B.2No.4 SoTT/St AthanStaticallocated 7659M
WW632Hunter F.1No.4 SoTT/St AthanStaticallocated 7516M
XA554Javelin FAW.1No.4 SoTT/St AthanStaticallocated 7558M
WA577SycamoreNo.4 SoTT/St AthanStaticallocated 7718M

Flying Display
Serial Type Unit Location Other Information
49-0326KB-50J(420thARS/Sculthorpe)Flying49-0326 probably a mispole
for 49-0356 or 376
-F-101-Flyingseveral aircraft flyby with tanker
EI-AKGFk.27Aer LingusFlyingpossibly en route to Cardiff
 on scheduled service
XN849Argosy C.1-Flying
WE171Canberra PR.3No.231OCU/R.A.F BassingbournFlying
XK697Comet C.2-Flying
XM696Gnat T.1-Flying
XJ694Hunter FR.10-Flying
XH393Javelin T.3-Flying
XH967Javelin FAW.8No.41 Sqdn/R.A.F WattishamFlyingCoded "L"
XH968Javelin FAW.8No.41 Sqdn/R.A.F WattishamFlyingCoded "P"
XH969Javelin FAW.8No.41 Sqdn/R.A.F WattishamFlyingCoded "J"
XH978Javelin FAW.8No.41 Sqdn/R.A.F WattishamFlyingCoded "E"
XP614Jet Provost T.4No.2 FTS/South CerneyFlyingCoded "41"
XP622 Jet Provost T.4 No.2 FTS/South Cerney Flying Coded "45"
XG333Lightning P1B AAEE/Boscombe Down Flying  Coded "44"
XM188Lightning F.1 - Flying
????? Meteor F.8No.63 Sqdn/R.A.F Waterbeach Flying
VL274 Valetta C.1 Unit not recorded Flying
WP221 Valiant B.1 Unit not recorded Flying
RF505Lincoln B.2(No.151 Sqdn/Watton)FlyingCoded "K"
WB944Sedbergh TX.1No.634 Gliding Sqdn/St AthanFlying
WZ377Valiant B(PR.).1No.41 Sqdn/R.A.F WattishamFlyinganti flash white colours
- no unit markings
XD535Vampire T.11-FlyingCoded "54"
WF377 Varsity T.1 No.2ANS/R.A.F Thorney Island Flying Coded "G"
WJ898Varsity T.1 No.2ANS/R.A.F Thorney Island Flying  Coded "D"
WL672Varsity T.1 No.2ANS/R.A.F Thorney Island Flying Coded "Y"
XA926 Victor B.1- Flying
XH497 Vulcan B.1A - Flying
XJ410 Whirlwind HAR.10 - Flying

Also reported were a formation of 3 Canberra from RAFFC

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