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Monday, January 26, 2015

Rhoose Airport in the 60's - [5] International Air Races 1962 with thanks to Colin Dodds

Noted at the Air Races 1962 were the following (Pics Colin Dodds)

G-ABUS Comper CLA.7 Swift (c/n S.32/4)
web 7 Comper Swift

G-ABVE Arrow Active 2 (c.n 2)
Uknown Arrow Active MkII

G-AHKY Miles M.18 Srs.2 (c/n 4426)
web 8 Miles M-18

G-APFV Piper PA-23 160 Apache (now based at Peterhead)

G-APZS Cessna 175A Skylark (c/n 56677)
web 12 G-APZS

G-ARAT Cessna 180C (c/n 50827)
web 13 G-ARAT

G-ARCG Piper PA-22 150 Tri-Pacer

G-ARCI Cessna 310D (c/n 39266)
web 11 Cessna 310

G-ARET Piper PA-22 160 Tri-Pacer
G-ARGY Piper PA-22 160 Tri-Pacer (now based at Wellesbourne-Mountford)

plus DH Heron XH375 (Queens Flight with the Duke of Edinburgh)
Duke of Edinburgh about to board Rhoose 1962

Plus the following unidentified machines ..can anyone help i'd them please.
This has now been indentified and is Aircoupe G-ARHA ..cheers Mike

web 14 Ercoupe
web 15 Ercoupe

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Rhoose Airport in the 60's - [1] With thanks to John Phillips these being taken in 1962

G-ANHX Auster 5D 14/01/62
VV963 Anson C.21 14/01/62
RAF Anson C.21 seen visiting Rhoose Airport as "CLL14" when carrying a military Group Captain for a local visit. It arrived from and departed to Old Sarum and only stayed 9 minutes from 15-04 to 15-13hrs

G-ARMN Cessna 175 14/01/62
G-ALVF Dove 1B 14/01/62
G-ARCU PA-22 TriPacer 04/03/62
G-AOIW Thruxton Jackaroo 04/03/62
BA83 Beech 18S 24/03/62
Part of the French Rugby Airlift for 1962 were two French military aircraft. The first was a Noratlas No.116 61-YM whilst the second seen above was this Beech 18S BA83.

LN-SUP C-54 Skymaster 24/03/62
LN-SUP C-54 Skymaster
22 Bleriot 25/03/62
F-BHBJ Super Constellation 25/03/62
F-BHBJ Super Constellation 25/03/62
G-AGHM DC-3 25/03/62
G-ANFU Auster AOP.5 25/03/62
G-ANNG Tiger Moth 25/03/62

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rhoose Airport in the 60's - [2] With thanks to Geoff Jones - various years

Some nice historic shots from Geoff Jones.

1964 - Piel CP.301 Emeraude G-ARUV pictured some time soon after its first flight in 1964 with the late Bill O'Niell in the cockpit. It was built at Cardiff, from plans, by the Cardiff Ultralight Aircraft Club in a former war-time Nissen hut next to the old fire station, which is about where the terminal is now. Registered to Peter Harrison it was finished in a yellow and white scheme. It is still current and believed to be Bodmin based, but with a lapsed permit to fly.

1965 - The UK's first two Victa Airtourers, G-ASYZ, the demonstrator, and G-ASZA, just delivered to Glamorgan Flying Club, at Rhoose in 1965.

1967 - Short SC.7 Skyvan 2-100-2 (SH1833) G-ATPF in Aeralpi scheme at Rhoose on 29/04/67. Withdrawn fom use on 27/01/69 and broken up at Sydenham in 11/76.

1966 - From the French rugby airlift of 26th March 1966, Beech D50 Twin Bonanza F-BIAL. In the background, on what is now the Cambrian apron, are Dakotas F-BBBE of Air France and F-BAXR of Rousseau Aviation. F-BIAL is still current, based at Villeneuve-sur-Lot in US Army colours as O-76061. F-BBBE became TL-AAD in October 1966 and was withdrawn from use in 1984. F-BAXR was withdrawn at Toulouse in May 1976 and scrapped in 1978.

Rhoose Airport early 60's
1962 - This photo must have been taken in the early 1960s and courtesy of Peter Phillips we now believe it to be 1962. The reason being is that a Paris was logged by Peter during school term time and he logged it as No.112. It can be seen in the photo before the Cambrian apron was built and whilst Aer Lingus were still flying Dakotas and is tucked in close to the old terminal. A Piaggio P166 and a Queen Air are parked on the grass to the west of the watch tower and a Heron is on the grass to the east of the tower.
Prior to this date there were limited numbers of jets to have visited Rhoose and it is considered by Mike F that this was the first business Jet to call into the airport.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Rhoose Airport in the 60's - [3] Cambrian Dakotas 09/03/69 with thanks to Tony Carless/Geoff Jones

Cambrian Airways Pionairs
Thanks to Tony Carless via Geoff Jones an historic picture taken on 9th March 1969 at the back of the Cambrian maintenance hangar in the area that is now the Norman apron. Cambrian's five retired Dakota Pionairs awaiting their re-registration and export to Cyprus. Research by StuC gives these histories:

9623 C-47A-30-DL 42-23761 01/06/43 - FD901 RAF 27/06/43 - G-AGHM BOAC 08/07/43 - FD901 RAF leased 13/07/43 - forced landing 13/11/43 Viario do Castelo, Portugal and interned - G-AGHM BOAC - BEA leased 26/02/46 to 04/05/46 - Airways Training Ltd 22/06/48 - BEA leased 01/10/48 to 03/11/48 - Skyways Ltd "Sky Monitor" 11/11/48 - VP-KGI Skyways (East Africa) Ltd 29/11/48 - G-AGHM Skyways Ltd "Sky Monitor" 10/11/49 - BEA Pionair "Edward Maitland" 21/03/51 - Cambrian Airways leased 61, bought 26/08/64 - 5B-CBC Worldinter Supply Services Ltd, Nicosia 18/04/69 used by Cyprus Airways - wfu Jeddah and noted 75-81 - restored by Saudia and mounted on synthetic clouds in the middle of a roundabout in Jeddah G-AGHM
At Cardiff in 1969 (credit the late Peter Metherell via Geoff Jones)
At Jeddah (credit Geoff Jones)

10099 C-47A-50-DL 42-24237 20/08/43 - FL516 RAF 08/09/43 - G-AGHS BOAC 15/09/43 - BEA 27/06/47 - Pionair "Horace Short" - Cambrian Airways leased 02/03/61, bought 01/05/63 - Gibair Ltd - 5B-CBA Worldinter Supply Services Ltd, Nicosia 18/04/69 - wfu & derelict Beirut - cancelled 76 

10106 C-47A-50-DL 42-24244 21/08/43 - FL523 RAF Middle East 25/09/43 - 6808 South African Air Force 27/09/43 - Aircraft Operating Company - G-ALCC Field Aircraft Services Ltd 11/10/48 - BEA Pionair "Harry Hawker" 14/03/49 - Cambrian Airways leased 02/04/61, bought 13/09/63 - 5B-CBE Worldinter Supply Services Ltd, Nicosia 06/03/69 not taken up - 5B-CAW 03/69 - derelict Dhahran 03/77-06/06 

11924 C-47-1-DK 42-92155 16/09/43 - FL563 RAF 511 Sqn 31/12/43 - G-AHCZ BOAC 30/04/46 - BEA 04/06/46 - YI-HCZ Iraqi Airways leased 10/12/46 - G-AHCZ BOAC 19/04/47 - BEA 22/08/47 - Pionair "Charles Samson" 17/06/51 - Cambrian Airways leased 02/03/59, bought 10/05/61 - 5B-CBC Worldinter Supply Services Ltd, Nicosia 18/05/69 - wfu Beirut and noted derelict 1976-82 

16487/33235 C-47B-35-DK 44-76903 08/05/45 - KN595 RAF Montreal 10/05/45 - ACSEA 31/05/45 - 267 Sqn - India 29/08/45 - 12 MU/UK 06/06/47 - G-ALXL Field Aircraft Services Ltd 16/01/50 - BEA Pionair "Charles Rolls" 28/02/50 - Gibair Ltd - Cambrian Airways leased 03/03/60, bought 13/04/62 - 5B-CBB Worldinter Supply Services Ltd, Nicosia 18/04/69 - derelict Bahrain - N94717 International Air Inc 11/07/74 - R M Ferguson, Singapore 04/08/75 - broken up Bahrain 04/76 (US marks never used)

The "Pionair" was a conversion carried out by Scottish Aviation for BEA featuring British instrumentation and an increased seating capacity of 32.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

G-AOHV Viscount

G-AOHV Vickers 802C Viscount (170) British Air Ferries at Cardiff in the early 1980's (credit Geoff Jones) G-AOHV

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

BA Swallow II G-AFGD

BA Swallow II G-AFGD flew with the Cardiff Aeroplane Club at Pengam Moors, Cardiff before World War 2. It flew again, after many years grounded at Shobdon, on 6th June 2013 with Dave Edwards as 'test pilot'.

B.A. L 25c Swallow II c/n 469 fitted with Pobjoy Cataract 3 engine

Sir D H Caine & T H Clayton, Hanworth Aerodrome. 04/04/38 to 20/12/38.
Cardiff Aeroplane Club Ltd, Cardiff Airport (Pengam Moors). 05/01/39 to 09/08/39.
Mrs B S MacDonald & E B Taylor, Witney Aerodrome. 16/08/39, registration cancelled 11/11/40.
Impressed 01/08/40 as BK897.
Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough.
Glider Flight, Central Landing Establishment, Ringway.
Glider Training Squadron, Ringway.
"Their propellors were removed and gliding hooks attached to each wing leading edge. The Swallows were towed singly, in pairs and in threes by retired Armstrong Whitworth Whitley bombers before being released to glide to their simulated "target" on the airfield. This unusual procedure was adopted to assist the evaluation of the future use of heavy gliders in assaults on enemy positions"
Sold 13/09/43.
Restored as G-AFGD 05/08/74.
Cancelled by CAA 06/04/01.
Restored as G-AFGD 15/04/13.

Credit to Geoff Jones for the pic and story and StuC for the history.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

St.Athan ABDR School

The RAF Aircraft Battle Damage Repair Training School moved to St.Athan from RAF Abingdon in 1992 on the closure of that station. It was located on East Camp in a new building and attached hangar. It moved to Cosford in 2005 on the rationalisation of St.Athan.
The following aircraft are reported to have been used by the school whilst at Saints. Pictures are from a visit by Keith Morgan on 02/12/02. Thanks Keith.

162730 AV-8B ..first noted 01/04, from Wyton ..departed to Charlwood 25/05/05
JP098 Eurofighter Test Rig ..arrived 11/07/02 from Germany NDT School 05
JP098 Eurofighter Test Rig
XT284/T/8855M Buccaneer S.2A ..first noted 04/93, from Abingdon ..scrapped 01/98, nose to Stock, Essex
XT773/9123M Wessex HU.5 ..first noted 09/93, from Abingdon ..departed to Cosford 08/09/03
XT773 Wessex HU.5 (9123M)
XV337/8852M Buccaneer S.2A ..first noted 04/93, from Abingdon ..scrapped 01/98, nose to Stock, Essex
XV643/262 Seaking HAS.6 ..arrived 04/07/02 from Gosport ..departed to Cosford 24/01/06
XV643/262 S King HAS.6
XX230 Hawk T.1A rear fuselage ..first noted 12/02, from FRP ..fate unknown
XX287 Hawk T.1A rear fuselage ..first noted 12/02, from FRP ..fate unknown
XX287 Hawk T.1A Rear Fuselage
XX317 Hawk T.1A centre fuselage ..first noted 12/02, from FRP ..fate unknown
XX319 Hawk T.1 rear fuselage ..first noted 12/02, from FRP ..fate unknown
XX319 + 3 Hawk Rear Fuselage
XX722/EF/9252M Jaguar GR.1 ..first noted 01/02, from MU ..nose to 1 SoTT by 03/06, remainder scrapped 05/01/06
XX722/EF Jaguar GR.1 
XX977/DL-05/9132M Jaguar GR.1 ..first noted 09/93, from Abingdon ..departed to Ipswich by 01/11/05 XX977/DL-05 Jaguar GR.1 (9132M)
XZ322/N/9283M Gazelle AH.1 ..arrived 11/98 from Shawbury ..departed to Cosford 25/01/06
XZ322/N Gazelle AH.1 (9189M)
XZ630/8976M Tornado GR.1 ..first noted 06/99, from Bruggen ..departed to Halton 03/02/04 for display XZ630/P.12 Tornado GR.1 (8976M)
XZ938/CU-45 Gazelle HT.2 ..arrived 27/02/02 from Shawbury ..departed to Cosford
XZ938/45-CU Gazelle HT.2
XZ941/B Gazelle HT.1 ..arrived 10/10/01 from Shawbury ..departed to Cosford 25/01/06
XZ941/B Gazelle HT.1
XZ991/3A/9162M Harrier GR.3 ..first noted 04/93, from MU ..departed to Cosford 24/01/06
XZ991/3A Harrier GR.3 (9162M)
ZA399/AJ-C Tornado GR.1 ..first noted 08/03, from MU ..departed to Cosford 10/01/06
ZA466 Tornado GR.1 centre fuselage ..first noted 12/02, from dump ..scrapped
ZA466/DH Tornado GR.1 Centre Fuselage
ZA717/C Chinook HC.1 ..first noted 06/94, from Fleetlands, crashed 25/07/89 ..departed 16/12/98 to Cranwell
ZD350/9189M Harrier GR.5 ..first noted 11/94, from Wittering, crashed 07/08/92 ..departed to Ipswich by 12/05 ZD350 Harrier GR.5 (9189M)  <ff> ZD350 Harrier GR.5 (9189M) <rf>
ZD462/9302M Harrier GR.7 ..arrived 30/01/04 from Cosford RSS by 01/05
ZD607 Sea Harrier F/A.2 ..first noted 12/02, from MU ..departed to Gosport 06/05
ZD607 Harrier F/A.2
ZD905 Tornado F.2 front fuselage ..first noted 12/02, from dump ..scrapped 17/12/02
ZD905 Tornado F.2 <ff>
ZD932 Tornado F.2 ..first noted 01/02, from MU RSS by 10/05
ZD932/ZE255 Tornado F.2
ZD937/AQ Tornado F.2 ..first noted 09/93, from MU ..dumped by 11/00 and scrapped 02/01, fin only noted 12/02, fate unknown
ZD937/AQ Tornado F.2 Tail
Hawk T.1 rear fuselages ..first noted 12/02, from FRP ..fate unknown
Hawk Rear Fuselage