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Thursday, December 10, 2009

LOG's for 10th December

1979 Rhoose
D-IHLK Cessna 421B Golden Eagle Private c/n 421B-0451
EI-BDD Piper PA-34 200 Seneca Private c/n 34-7250221
EI-BHL Beech E90 King Air Private c/n LW-321
F-BVTC Piper PA-31 Cheyenne II Private c/n 31T-7520009
G-AVAY Piper PA-28 180C Cherokee Private c/n 28-3793
G-AVCY Piper PA-30 160B Twin Comanche Private 30-1367
G-BRFG Cessna 340A Private c/n 340A-0012
G-POWA Piper PA-24 400 Comanche Private c/n 26-104
Log credit IanG

1995 OTT
87-0123/- (-)grey KC-10A Extender 305thAMW/McGuire AFB, NJ c/s "Reach 70123" (UG1 EB 17:45 to Rhein-Main)
Log credit IanG

2002 St Athan
XW214/- green Puma HC.1 c/s "Vortex 002" (landed 13:20 for a hot refuel and departed 13:45)
ZB604/722 gloss black Harrier T.8 St Athan MU-899Sqdn marks (at 2ERP 09:55)
ZD261/309 grey Lynx HMA.8 815Sqdn/Yeovilton c/s "Navy 309" (landed 11:35 and departed 11:50)
ZD613/711 grey Sea Harrier F/A.2 St Athan MU-899Sqdn marks (at 2ERP 09:55)
G-FILE PA-34 200T Seneca II c/s "Clifton 3" (landed 13:45)
Log credit Bill Hodges ..home early as it's snowing

2004 Rhoose
D-CATL Learjet 55 Private c/n 55-051
EI-CJG Boeing 737 204 Ryanair c/n 22058
G-CDUO Boeing 757 236F ThomsonFly c/n 24792
G-LOFB Lockheed L-188 Electra CF Atlantic Airlines c/n 1131
G-OOAR Airbus A320 214 First Choice Airways c/n 1320
XS712/A gloss black Dominie T.1 55[R]Sqdn/Cranwell
Log credit IanG

2004 St Athan
ZA600/AJ-L grey Tornado GR.4 St Athan MU-617Sqdn marks
Log credit IanG

2005 Rhoose
EI-CPJ British Aerospace 146-RJ70 ER Euromanx c/n E1258
EI-DCH Boeing 737 8AS Ryanair c/n 33566
Log credit IanG

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