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Thursday, December 3, 2009

LOG's for 3rd December

1979 Rhoose
G-AWBL BAC 1-11 416EK British Airways c/n 132
G-BCHM Aerospatiale SA.341G Gazelle Private c/n 1168
G-BFXE Piper PA-28 161 Warior II Private c/n 28-7816585
YV-365CP Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander Private c/n 2014 (delivery flight)
Log credit IanG

1980 Rhoose
G-AWAI Beech 95-D55 Baron Private c/n TE-538
G-AXPB Beagle B121 100 Pup Private c/n B117
Log credit IanG

1985 OTT
N4867T Douglas DC-8 73CF Transamerica Airlines c/n 46090
Log credit IanG

2001 St Athan
XX352/CP gloss black Hawk T.1 St Athan MU-100Sqdn marks (departed 10:30)
XX970/EH grey Jaguar GR.3A St Athan MU-6Sqdn marks (tugged from hangar to 2 ERP 11:00)
XZ107/FH grey Jaguar GR.3A St Athan MU-41Sqdn marks
XZ361/FT grey Jaguar GR.3A St Athan MU-no marks c/s "Colt 55" (landed 13:15)
ZF377/377 red/white Tucano T.1 St Athan MU-no marks c/s "STN 02" (departed 11:20)
Log credit Bill Hodges

2002 St Athan
XX227/- gloss red Hawk T.1 St Athan MU-Red Arrows marks c/s "STN 03" (landed 11:25)
XX246/246 gloss black Hawk T.1A 19[R]Sqdn/4FTS/Valley c/s "Thunder" (departed 14:15)
XX278/- gloss black Hawk T.1A St Athan MU-no marks (tugged from hangar to Northside 13:20 and back to hangar 15:00)
XX295/295 gloss black Hawk T.1A 208[R]Sqdn/4FTS/Valley c/s "Thunder" (departed 14:15)
XX835/FY grey Jaguar T.4 St Athan MU-54Sqdn marks (compass bay 13:10)
XZ459/- grey Sea Harrier F/A.2 St Athan MU-no marks (at the hangar 09:50)
ZA541/- grey Tornado GR.1/4 St Athan MU-no marks
ZA714/NT green Chinook HC.2 Odiham Wing c/s "Hobbit 1" (landed 11:10 and departed 12:35)
G-DCEA PA-34-200T Seneca II c/s "Clifton 77" (landed 11:35 and departed 12:00)
Log credit Bill Hodges

2003 St Athan
XX838/PR grey Jaguar T.4 St Athan MU-16[R]Sqdn marks
XZ691/- grey Lynx HMA.8 815Sqdn/Yeovilton c/s "Navy 410" (landed 10:30 and departed 10:45 after a refuel)
G-BFOM PA-31-310 Navajo C Air Medical c/s "Airmed 023" (landed 12:35)
Log credit Bill Hodges

2004 Rhoose
XS711/L gloss black Dominie T.1 55[R]Sqdn/Cranwell
Log credit IanG

2004 St Athan
XX146/GT grey Jaguar T.4 St Athan MU-54Sqdn marks
XX150/PW grey Jaguar GR.4 St Athan MU-no marks
G-BBTY Beech Sundowner (departed 11:10)
Log credit Bill Hodges

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