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Friday, January 16, 2009

Page 25 - No 4 School of Technical Training St Athan 1955/1956

As a taster to a forthcoming article on 4 SoTT here is a list of aircraft noted with the school in 1955/56. This was an interesting time, as both old and new aircraft were present, many of the older ones being disposed of in this period, regrettably by scrapping or burning.

Anson C.12 PH553 7219M
Anson T.20 VV361/S-H 7231M, VV367/S-O 7232M
Balliol T.2 VR597/6 7188M, WG138 7238M, WG142/AL 7239M, WN165/AO 7236M, WN535 7237M
Britannia G-ALBO 7708M
Lincoln B.2 RF498 7021M
Meteor F.1 EE211 5927M
Meteor F.3 EE244/D 5788M, EE251/A 5838M, EE306 6966M, EE307 6979M, EE314 6967M, EE336 6487M, EE348 5858M, EE350 6980M, EE354 6971M, EE356 6972M, EE407 5924M, EE413 6976M, EE428 6973M, EE480 6983M, EE483 6984M
Meteor F.4 RA435 7131M
Meteor F.8 VZ552 7260M, VZ561/Z 7266M, VZ568/C 7261M, WA765/B 7264M, WA841 7262M, WA897/P 7263M, WH382/V 7265M
Mosquito FB.6 TE851 5783M
Mosquito T.3 HJ898/22 6953M, TW101/21 6954M
Prentice T.1 VR219/M-A 7267M, VR223/M-W 7268M, VR224/M-M 7192M, VR225/K-H 7269M, VR237/M-R 7270M, VR273/M-P 7271M, VR281/P-D 7273M, VR283/20 7274M, VR291/M-X 7275M, VR293/J-Q 7276M, VS368/N-M 7191M
Proctor 3 HM476 6700M, LZ622 6693M, LZ731 6730M
Spitfire IX BS513 6043M,
Spitfire LF.16 RW359 6835M
Swift F.1 WK202 7350M, WK210/C 7304M, WK211/B 7305M, WK212/M 7306M
Swift F.2 WK219 7307M, WK220 7308M,
Swift F.3 WK240 7300M, WK244 7309M, WK254 7335M
Tiger Moth T.2 DE219 7034M, DE306 7035M, DE739 7036M, DE889 7039M, N9385 7038M, R5114 7043M, T5427 6728M, W7950 7044M
Valetta C.1 VX238 7215M
Vampire F.1 TG277/25 7004M, TG382 7047M, TG420 7071M, TG429 7048M, TG437 7049M, TG447 7051M
Vampire F.3 VF307 7046M, VT800 7088M, VT810 7082M, VT854/E 7080M, VT859 7081M
Venom FB.1 WE255 7187M, WE256 7228M, WE259 7157M
Wellington T.10 NA845/Y 7105M, RP322 7104M
York C.1 MW322 6715M
Article credit StuC

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