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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Page 38 - St Athan Airshow 1973 [updated 25/02/2024

Recorded by myself and further notes in BAR for the St Athan Battle of Britain show in 1973 on 15-9-73 were:

63-7890/LM C-130E Hercules 38thTAS/316thTAW/Langley AFB
[detached to Mildenhall AB]
XP282 Auster AOP.9 St Athan MU
XP774 Beaver AL.1 St Athan MU
XW527 Buccaneer S.2B 16 Sqdn/Laarbruch
XX539 45 Bulldog T.1 CFS/
WH779 Canberra PR.7 St Athan MU
WK553 Chipmunk T.10 University of Wales AS/St Athan
XP502/02 Gnat T.1 4FTS/Valley
XF527/70 Hunter F.6 4FTS/Valley
XM411 Jet Provost T.3 No.4 School of Tech Training/St Athan
XN554 Jet Provost T.3 No.4 School of Tech Training/St Athan
[possibly on CCAS charge]
XW375/10 Jet Provost T.5 RAFC/Cranwell
XR720/M Lightning F.6 5 Sqdn/Binbrook
XV460 Phantom FG.1 31 Sqdn/Bruggen
XT841 Sioux AH.1 AAC
WF419/U Varsity T.1 5 FTS/Oakington
XM598 Vulcan B.2 101 Sqdn/Waddington – MU charge?

St Athan Historic Aircraft Collection
WZ662 Auster AOP.9
MM5701/13-95 Fiat CR.42
475081 FI-156C
584219 FW.190
701152 He.111
494083/W8-A Ju-87G
360043 Ju.88R
4101/12 BF-109
730301/OL Me-110
WS843 (7937M) Meteor NF(T).14
WV499/P3 (7698M) P Provost T.1
XN341 Skeeter AOP.12
MK356/21-V Spitfire IX
WL505 Vampire FB.9
BAPC-47 Watkins Monoplane
No. 4 School of Technical Training “Maintenance Hangars”
XN847 Argosy C.1
XN928 8179M Buccaneer S.1
XN953 8182M Buccaneer S.1
XN972 8181M Buccaneer S.1
(WP905) 7438M Chipmunk T.10
(XK698) 8031M Comet C.1
(WT746) 7770M Hunter F.4
(XF974) 7949M Hunter F.4
XG327 8188M Lightning F.1
XL111 8000M Whirlwind HAR.10

20/312-BH Noratlas ET-312/French AF
XS596/596 Andover C.1 46 Sqdn/Thorney Island
XS780 Basset C.1 207 Sqdn/
XR365/365 Belfast C.1 53 Sqdn/Brize Norton
XP805 Beaver AL.1 6 Flight/Netheravon
XL639/639 Britannia C.1 99/511 Sqdn/Brize Norton
XP504/04 Gnat T.1 4FTS/Valley
XP516/16 Gnat T.1 4FTS/Valley
XP533/33 Gnat T.1 4FTS/Valley
XR954/30 Gnat T.1 4FTS/Valley
XR996/66 Gnat T.1 4FTS/Valley
XS109/43 Gnat T.1 4FTS/Valley
XV748/48 Harrier GR.1A 233 OCU/Wittering
XK149/44 Hunter F.6 229 OCU/Chivenor
PZ865/DT-A Hurricane IIb BBMF/Coningsby
XW325/37 Jet Provost T.5 3 FTS/ -Gemini Team
XW407/50 Jet Provost T.5 3 FTS/ -Gemini Team
XW406/48 Jet Provost T.5 3 FTS/ -Gemini Team
XW287/80 Jet Provost T.5 CFS/ -Red Pelicans
XW288/81 Jet Provost T.5 CFS/ -Red Pelicans
XW414/89 Jet Provost T.5 CFS/ -Red Pelicans
XW421/90 Jet Provost T.5 CFS/ -Red Pelicans
PA474/KM-B Lancaster B.1 BBMF/Coningsby
WD790 Meteor NF.11 RAE/Pershore
XV235/35 Nimrod MR.1 42 Sqdn/St Mawgan
XW225/DJ Puma HC.1 230 Sqdn/Odiham
AB910/QJ-J Spitfire V.6 BBMF/Coningsby
WL668/X Varsity T.1 6 FTS/Finningley
XV104/104 VC-10 C.1 10 Sqdn/Brize Norton
XL387 Vulcan B.2 101 Sqdn/Waddington
XT416 ? Wasp HAS.1 829 Sqdn/Portland
XT756 (VL)/WM Wessex HU.5 707 Sqdn/Yeovilton
XP354 Whirlwind HAR.10 22 Sqdn/Chivenor

Elsewhere on ground.
20/312-BH Noratlas ET-312/French Air Force
XW295/88 Jet Provost T.5 CFS
/ -Red Pelicans

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