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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Page 54 - St Athan Airshow 1989

Mikeyf noted the following at the Battle of Britain At Home Airshow on 16th Sept 1989 had the following participants – with thanks to BAR for additional notes

81-0942/WR (bl) A-10A 510thTFS/81stTFW/Woodbridge AFB
A-482 Alouette III 315 Sqdn/KLU
J-209 F-16B 315 Sqdn/KLU
E-195 F-16A ESk-723/Aalborg AFB/Danish AF
ET-210 F-16B ESk-723/Aalborg AFB/Danish AF
188748 CF-18A 1stCAD/Solingen AFB/RCAF/WG
133450 CT-133A 1stCAD/Solingen AFB/RCAF/WG
142801 CC-142A 1stCAG/Solingen AFB/RCAF/WG
XT286 Buccaneer S.2B 208 Sqdn/Lossiemouth
XH174/CH Canberra PR.9 St Athan Store – 1 PRU marks
XS712/A Dominie T.1 6 FTS/Finningley
XP502/02 Gnat T.1 CTTS/St Athan
ZD403/08 Harrier GR.5 1 Sqdn/Wittering
XX168/168 Hawk T.1 4 FTS/Valley
XX349/349 Hawk T.1A 2 TWU/63 Sqdn/Chivenor
XG154/54 Hunter FGA.9 St Athan Store
XZ363/A Jaguar GR.1A 41 Sqdn/Coltishall
XW374/38 Jet Provest T.5A 3 FTS/Cranwell
XV408/C Phantom FGR.2 19 Sqdn/Wildenrath
ZA450/EC Tornado GR.1 15 Sqdn/Laarbruch
ZA454 Tornado GR.1 St Athan MU
ZE794/FD Tornado F.3 25 Sqdn/Leeming
ZE694 Sea Harrier FRS.1 St Athan Store
ZA141/B VC-10 K.2 101 Sqdn/Brize Norton

Historic Aircraft Musuem Hangars
L5343 Battle I
WD935/(8440M) Canberra B.2
EE549/(7008M) Meteor IV special
WS843/(7937M) Meteor NF.14 coded Y
TJ138/(7607M) Mosquito TT.35
WV499/(7698M) P Provest T.1 coded P-G
EP120/(8070M) Spitfire with LA198/(7118M), PK624/(8072M)

PK664/(7759M), SL542/(8390M) and SL674/(8392M) Spitfire
XS650/(8801M) Swallow TX.1
WL505/(7705M) Vampire FR.9
XM602 Vulcan B.2 101 Sqdn marks
584219/(8470M) FW-190F-8/U1 coded 38
420430/(8482M) Me410-1/U2 coded 3U+CC

Hangar 341
XL595/78 Hunter T.7 St Athan MU Store
XV591 Phantom FG.1 St Athan MU – cockpit only
ZA548/548 Tornado GR.1 St Athan MU – TWCU marks

Hangar 340
WK562/T Chipmunk T.10 3 AEF/Filton
ZE558 Viking T.1 634 VGS/St Athan

Hangar 373 – BDRF training hangar
(XN458)/8234M Jet Provest T.3 BDRF/St Athan
ZE698 Sea Harrier FRS.1 St Athan Store

Elsewhere – Far side
XZ933/T Gazelle HT.3 2 FTS/Shawbury
XV181/181 Hercules C.1 LTW/Lyneham
XZ588 Sea King HAR.3 202 Sqdn/Brawdy
XS679/WG Wessex HC.2 2 FTS/Shawbury

XV156/(8773M) Buccaneer S.2A dumped fuselage only
WK144/(8689M) Canberra B.2 dumped fuselage + wings only
“PF119”/(WT648) Hunter F.1 (7530M) dumped fuselage only
XF526/78/E Hunter F.6 dumped
XV591 Phantom FG.1 dumped – minus cockpit
XV759 Harrier GR.3 dumped
XV778/(9001M) Harrier GR.3 dumped
XV810 Harrier GR.3 dumped
XW763/(9002M) Harrier GR.3 dumped
XZ138 Harrier GR.3 dumped
XL163/(8916M) Victor K.2 dumped – 57 Sqdn marks

Picketston Site Area - Outside
WH780/853 Canberra T.22 St Athan Store
with WH797/851 WH801/850 WH803/856
WT510/854 WT525/855 WT535/852
Gnat T.1 CTTS/St Athan
(XN632)/8352M Jet Provest T.3A CTTS/St Athan

(XX635)/8767M Bulldog T.1 CTTS/St Athan
(WH984?) Canberra B.15 CTTS/St Athan – forward fuselage
(XN551)/100 Jet Provest T.3A CTTS/St Athan
(XP680)/(8460M) Jet Provest T.4 CTTS/St Athan
(XX763)/(9009M)/24 Jaguar GR.1 CTTS/St Athan
XW409/123 Jet Provest T.5A CTTS/St Athan
XT89? Phantom FGR.2 St Athan MU [confirmation of serial would be appreciated]
ZE159/AW Tornado F.3 St Athan MU

80-0214/WR (bl) A-10A 510thTFS/81stTFW/Woodbridge AFB
82-0655/WR (bl) A-10A 510thTFS/81stTFW/Woodbridge AFB
J-063 F-16A 315 Sqdn/KLU
J-508 F-16A 315 Sqdn/KLU
XX507 BAe 125 CC.2 32 Sqdn/Northolt
ZD621 BAe 125 CC.3 32 Sqdn/Northolt
XV332 Buccaneer S.2B 237 OCU/Lossiemouth
XW54 ? Buccaneer S.2B 237 OCU/Lossiemouth [confirmation would be appreciated]
XX625/01 Bulldog T.1 Wales UAS/St Athan with XX626/02 and
Hunter T.8C 237 OCU/Lossiemouth
XV291/291 Hercules C.1 LTW/Lyneham
XV249/49 Nimrod MR.2 St Mawgan Wing/St Mawgan
WL790/90 Shackleton AEW.2 8 Sqdn/Lossiemouth

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