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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Page 31 - R.A.F St Athan Airshow 17/09/1966 [Updated 21/2/2024]

Reported by Air Britain and BAR at the Battle of Britain show on 17/9/66 were:

61-0678 T-39 20thTFW/Wethersfield
XB288 Beverley 47 Sqdn/Abingdon
XM706 94 Gnat T.1 CFS/Valley
FT375 Harvard T.2 AAEE/Boscombe Down
TG553/553 Hastings t.5 BCBS/Lindholme
WV400 Hunter F.4 St Athan MU
XP955/E-135 Sea Vixen FAW.2 899 Sqdn/Yeovilton
WR981/N Shackleton MR.2 201 Sqdn/St Mawgan
XJ771/E Vampire T.11 CATCS/
WF374/Z Varsity T.1 2 ANS/
(XA924) 7844M Victor B.1 No.4 SOTT/St Athan
A Jet Provost aircraft was also reported as static but only in one magazine only XN548/67 Jet Provost T. CFS/Little Rissington

Historic Aircraft Display
N1671 Defiant
RI+JK Ju-87

XP282 Auster AOP.9 19-32MU/St Athan [hack?]
XB288/U Beverley C.1 47 Sqdn/
XT281 ‘-/-‘ Buccaneer S.2A 736 Sqdn/Lossiemouth
WH801 Canberra PR.7 17 Sqdn/Wildenrath
XL449 ‘763/BY’ Gannet AEW.3 849 Sqdn/Brawdy
WT804 ‘BY/782’ Hunter GA.11 738 Sqdn/Brawdy
XE668 ‘BY/787‘ Hunter GA.11 738 Sqdn/Brawdy
XE682 ‘BY/786’ Hunter GA.11 738 Sqdn/Brawdy
XE712 ‘BY/785’ Hunter GA.11 738 Sqdn/Brawdy
These Hunters were reported as five in total with two reported as XE660 and XE689.
However I believe that the fifth was XE680 ‘BY789’
XL162 Victor B.2 100 Sqdn/Wittering
WB947 Sedbergh TX.1 634 GS/St Athan
XF730/F Shackleton MR.3 42 Sqdn/St Mawgan
XT138/X Sioux AH.1 CFS/Ternhill
XS884 ‘CU/575’ Wessex HAS.1 706 Sqdn/Culdrose
WZ476 Vampire T.11 19-32MU/St Athan
WZ512/50 Vampire T.11 7FTS/Church Fenton
XD515/51 Vampire T.11 7FTS/Church Fenton
XD614/55 Vampire T.11 7FTS/Church Fenton
XE857/54 Vampire T.11 7FTS/Church Fenton
XA911 Vulcan B.1A 44 Sqdn/Waddington?

The following aircraft were reported as flying in one magazine only
64-0857 F-4C Phantom 81stTFW/Bentwaters
64-0874 F-4C Phantom 81stTFW/Bentwaters
64-0877 F-4C Phantom 81stTFW/Bentwaters
64-0878 F-4C Phantom 81stTFW/Bentwaters
56-2977 F-100D ?
F-100D ?
F-100D ?
XM490/490 Brittannia 99/511 Sqdn/Lyneham
WJ875/A Canberra T.4 231 OCU/
WB573 Chipmunk T.10 Wales UAS/St Athan
WK630 Chipmunk T.10 Wales UAS/St Athan
WP804 Chipmunk T.10 Wales UAS/St Athan
XS710 Dominie T.1 College of Air Warfare/Manby
XS734 Dominie T.1 College of Air Warfare/Manby
XS736 Dominie T.1 College of Air Warfare/Manby
XF417 Hunter
XG160/22 Hunter F.6 229 OCU/Chivenor
XG229/47 Hunter F.6 229 OCU/Chivenor
The magazines conflicted with the serial for the Chivenor Hunter display – or were there two??
XP662/48 Jet Provost T.4 1 FTS/
XP665/38 Jet Provost T.4 1 FTS/
XP668/50 Jet Provost T.4 1 FTS/
XR699/34 Jet Provost T.4 1 FTS/
XM178/178 Lightning F.1A 226 OCU/
XM1?? ? Lightning F.1A 226 OCU/
XM215/215 Lightning F.1A 226 OCU/
XM970/970 Lightning T.4 226 OCU/
[The missing example was possibly XM182]

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