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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Page 41 - St Athan Airshow 1976

Noted at the Battle of Britain show 14/9/76 were:

This show turned out to be last chance to see the No.4 School of Technical Training which was based at St Athan from 9—to late 1976 when it disbanded. Many aircraft departed over the following few months to airfields or broken up. The RAF museum managed to exhibit their fine works and these are listed below.

10737 CP-107Argus CAF/45 Sqdn/ [also flew]
10737JGJ Juilian Griffith-Jones
XP277 Auster AOP.9 St Athan storage
XP819 Beaver AL.1 St Athan Storage
XX626/46 Bulldog T.1 Wales UAS/St Athan
WH955/D Canberra B.15 St Athan Storage
XX370 Gazelle AH.1 2 Flight/
XR541/61 Gnat T.1 4FTS/Valley
XZ133/32 Harrier GR.3 233OCU/Wittering
TG505/505 Hastings T.5 230OCU/Scampton
XV221/221 Hercules C.1 LTW/Lyneham
XL566/86 Hunter T.7 4FTS/Valley
XX141/E Jaguar T.2 226OCU/Lossiemouth
XX490 Jetstream T.1 St Athan store
/E Provost T.1 Shuttleworth Trust (XF836)
XW228/DP Puma HC.1 230 Sqdn/
XL445 Vulcan B.2 St Athan MU - 617 Sqdn marks

No.4 SOTT (School of Technical Training) - not all carried the M serials
XN928/8179M Buccaneer S.1
XN930/8180M Buccaneer S.1
WP905/7438M Chipmunk .T.10
WT746/7770M "A/71Sqdn" Hunter F.4

XF974/7949M "C/8 Sqdn" Hunter F.4
XN512/8435M Jet Provost T.3
XS186/8408M Jet Provost T.4
XS209/8409M Jet Provost T.4
XG327/8188M Lightning F.1
XK862/8194M Pembroke C.1
XL111/8000M Whirlwind HAR.10

Residents elsewhere
X---- Jet Provost T.3 CCAS/St Athan (8407M)
X---- Jet Provost T.3 CCAS/St Athan (8434M)
X---- Jet Provost T.4 CCAS/St Athan (8436M)
WV753 Pembroke C.1 CCAS/St Athan
WB947 Sedbergh TX.1 634 CGS/St Athan

BL614/ZD-F Spitfire LF.5B (4354M)
MK356/ZI-V Spitfire (5690M)
WB188 Hunter F.3 (7154M)
WA634 Meteor T.7 (mod)
WK935 Meteor Prone
WS843/Y Meteor NF(T).14 (7937M)
VX272 P.1052 (7174M)
WV499/P3 Provost T.1 (7698M)
VV106 S.510 (7175M)
XN341 Skeeter AOP.12 (8022M)
WL505 Vampire FR.9 (7705M – 23 Sqdn mks)
5439 KI-46 ii (BAPC84)
470581/GM-AK8 Fi-156C
584219/3C FW-190C
701152 He-111H
120227/2 He-162
494083/RI-JK JU-87D
360043/D5-EV Ju-88D
730301 Me-110G
MM5701/13-95 CR-42
G-AVXV/225 Bleriot XI

XN814/814 Argosy E.1 115 Sqdn/Brize Norton
XH165 Canberra PR.9 39 Sqdn/Wyton
VP976 Devon C.2 207 Sqdn/Wyton (visitor)
XW862/D Gazelle HT.2 CFS/Shawbury with XW898/G, XW902/H, XX396/N and XX406/P.

XR998/47 Gnat T.1 4FTS/Valley
XK149/34 Hunter F.6A TWU/Brawdy – no units marks
XW424/62 Jet Provost T.5A 1FTS/
XW428/70 Jet Provost T.5A 1FTS/
XT873/S Phantom FG.1 43 Sqdn/Leuchars
X----/L Phantom FGR.2 23 Sqdn/Wattisham
X---- Phantom FGR.2 23 Sqdn/Wattisham
In tow with Victor K.2
XL163 Victor K.2 55 Sqdn/Marham
XR457 Whirlwind HAR.10 22 Sqdn/Chivenor (rescue stand-by)
G-BDAM/16047 Harvard Private

Picketston Area/Dump
WD935 Canberra B.2 (outside store for museum
WH739/S Canberra B.2 (dumped ex 100 Sqdn)
WH968 Canberra E.15 St Athan store
WH970 Canberra B.15 (dumped ex 45 Sqdn)
WT507 Canberra PR.7 (outside store - ex 31 Sqdn/RAFG)
WT534/T Canberra PR.7 (outside store - ex 17 Sqdn/RAFG)
WV703 Pembroke C.1 ex 4SOTT/St Athan (8108M)
WV704 Pembroke C.1 ex 4SOTT/St Athan (8109M)
WV741 Pembroke C.1 ex 4SOTT/St Athan (8110M)
WV743 Pembroke C.1 ex 4SOTT/St Athan (8112M)
XA936 Victor K.1 (outside store - ex 214 Sqdn)
XH589 Victor K.1A (outside store - ex 214 Sqdn)
XH620 Victor K.1A (outside store - ex 57 Sqdn)
XH649 Victor K.1A (outside store - ex 57 Sqdn)
XH674 Victor SR.2 (outside store - ex Wyton Victor Flight)
XM718 Victor SR.2 (outside store - ex 543 Sqdn/Wyton)

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