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Monday, January 26, 2009

Page 50 - St Athan Airshow 1985

Recorded at the Battle of Britain At Home Airshow on 14th Sept 1985 by Mikeyf were:
AT-152 Saab SK-35XD Draken ESK-729/Karup AFB/R Danish AF
AT-152 St Athan 1985

79-0080/BT (y) F-15C 53rdTFS/36thTFW/Bitburg AFB/WG
XS791 Andover CC.2 32 Sqdn/Northolt
XS791 St Athan Sept 85

XW791 BAE 125 CC.2 32 Sqdn/Northolt
XV355/AC Buccaneer S.2B 237 OCU/Lossiemouth
ZA714/EX Chinook HC.2 7 Sqdn/Odiham
WB697/O Chipmunk T.10 3 AEF/Filton
WH953 Canberra B.6 RAE Bedford
WH963 RAE Bedford St Athan Sept 85

WK111/EA Canberra T.17 360 Sqdn/Wyton
XS710/O Dominie T.1 6 FTS/Finningley
T.1 XS710 O 6FTS St Athan 140985

XZ933/R Gazelle HT.3 2 FTS/Shawbury
XZ993/04 Harrier GR.3 1 Sqdn/Wittering
FT375 Harvard T.2B AAEE/Boscombe Down
XX178/178 Hawk T.1 4 FTS/Valley
XX202/202 Hawk T.1A 2 TWU/151 Sqdn/Chivenor
XX725/EL Jaguar GR.1A 6 Sqdn/Coltishall
XS178/05 Jet Provest T.4 1 TWU/.79 Sqdn/Brawdy
XX495/C Jetstream T.1 6 FTS/Finningley
XS899/AJ Lightning F.6 5 Sqdn/Binbrook
ZA936/CU Puma HC.1 33 Sqdn/Odiham
XV127 Scout AH.1 AAC Exhib Flight/M Wallop
ZD582 Sea Harrier FRS.1 St Athan MU
ZA367/T Tornado GR.1 617 Sqdn/Marham
GR.1 617Sqdn St Athan 140985

ZD848/BC Tornado GR.1 14 Sqdn/Bruggen
ZD894 Tornado GR.1 St Athan MU
GR.1 ZD894 um St Athan 140985

ZD902/AC Tornado F.2 229 OCU/Coningsby
F.2 ZD902 AC 229OCU St Athan 140985

XL158 Victor K.2 St Athan MU- 55 Sqdn marks
XL158 St Athan 140985

XT661 Viscount 838 RAE Bedford
XT661 RS&RE St Athan 140985

This Viscount 838 XT661/- is seen arriving for the airshow on 14th September 1985. At the time it was operating with the RS&RE who's base was at Bedford. The aircraft was ex 9G-AAV and no longer exists as it was broken up at Hanningfield Metals in Essex. (pictures IanG)

Hangar 341
WB935 Sedbergh TX.1 634 VGS/St Athan
WB973 Sedbergh TX.1 634 VGS/St Athan
XN186 Sedbergh TX.1 634 VGS/St Athan

Hangar 371 – Historic Aircraft Musuem
WE600 Auster Antartic
WB188/(7154M) Hunter F.3

XD674/(7570M) Jet Provest T.1
EE549/(7008M) Meteor IV special
WA634 Meteor T.7 Special
WL168/(7750M) Meteor F.8 coded A
WS843/(7937M) Meteor NF.14 coded Y
WV499/(7698M) P Provest T.1 coded P-G
XN341/(8022M) Skeeter AOP.12
WK281/(7712M) Swift FR.5 coded S/79 Sqdn marks
WL505/(7705M) Vampire FR.9
XR486/(8727M) Whirlwind HCC.12 Queen’s Flight colours

Hangar 374 – Historic Aircraft Musuem
XR243/(8057M) Auster AOP.9 frame only no fabric
L5340 Battle I composite with L5343
MK356/(5690M) Spitfire IX coded 21-T
XS650/(8801M) Swallow TX.1
120227/(8472M) He-162A-2 coded 2
(475081)/(7362M) Fi-156C-7 without fabric
(8484M/BAPC 84) Ki-46
191904/(8480M) Me163B-1A coded 25

Outside Hangar – Historic Aircraft Musuem
WD935/(8440M) Canberra B.2
VP952/(8820M) Devon C.2
584219/(8470M) FW-190F-8/U1 coded 38

(BAPC.83/8476M) ??
Z7197/(8380M) Procter III
DE623/G-ANFI Tiger Moth Private
XM602 Vulcan B.2 101 Sqdn marks

AT-08 Alpha Jet A+TU/Brustum AFB
79-0072/BT (y) F-15C 53rdTFS/36thTFW/Bitburg AFB/WG
79-0077/BT (y) F-15C 53rdTFS/36thTFW/Bitburg AFB/WG
81-0737/HR F-16A 50thTFW/Hahn AFB/WG
F-16A 81-0737 50TFW St Athan Sept 85

81-0738/HR F-16A 50thTFW/Hahn AFB/WG
LX-N90456 E-3A NAEWF/Gelienkirchen AFB/WG
XX612/05 Bulldog T.1 Wales UAS/St Athan with XX625/01, XX626/02, XX627/03 and XX628/04

WB271 ‘R/204’ Firefly AS.6 RNHF/Yeovilton
XW857 ‘CU/(5)55’ Gazelle HT.2 705 Sqdn/Culdrose with XW860 ‘CU/(5)44’

XW863 ‘CU/(5)42’ XW886 ‘CU/(5)48’ and XW907 ‘CU/(5)40’

XZ937/Y Gazelle HT.3 2 FTS/Shawbury
XV808/L Harrier GR.3 233 OCU/Wittering
GR.3 XV808 L 233OCU St Athan 140985

XZ994/F Harrier GR.3 233 OCU/Wittering
XX176/176 Hawk T.1 4 FTS/Valley
XV195/195 Hercules C.1 LTW/Lyneham – Falcon’s Support
XV208 Hercules W.2 RAE Farnborough
? Hurricane IIB BBMF/Coningsby
XZ377/02 Jaguar GR.1A 226 OCU/Lossiemouth
XX832/S Jaguar T.2A 226 OCU/Lossiemouth
XW322/43 Jet Provest T.5A RAFC/Cranwell
XW323/44 Jet Provest T.5A RAFC/Cranwell
XX498/F Jetstream T.1 6 FTS/Finningley
PA474/SR-D Lancaster B.1 BBMF/Coningsby
WA669 Meteor T.7 Vintage Pair/CFS
XV255/55 Nimrod MR.2 Kinloss Wing
WG655 ‘GN/910’ Sea Fury T.20 RNHF/Yeovilton
ZD579 ‘-/710’ Sea Harrier FRS.1 899 Sqdn/Yeovilton
? Spitfire BBMF/Coningsby
ZD937/AQ Tornado F.2 229 OCU/Coningsby
XH304 Vampire T.11 Vintage Pair/CFS
XL426 Vulcan B.2 VDF/Waddington
XV729 Wessex HC.2 22 Sqdn/Chivenor (SAR duties)

XZ935 Gazelle HT.3 32 Sqdn/Northolt
XV156/(8773M) Buccaneer S.2A dumped fuselage only
XX656 Bulldog T.1 Bristol UAS/Filton
(XX635)/8767M Bulldog T.1 CTTS/St Athan – outside CTTS hangar
WK144/(8689M) Canberra B.2 dumped fuselage + wings only
“PF119”/(WT648) Hunter F.1 (7530M) dumped fuselage only
XF526 78/E Hunter F.6 dumped

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