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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Page 36 - St Athan Airshow 18/09/1971

R.A.F St Athan Airshow held 18/09/1971

Notes made by the editor's family and some BAR reports indicate the following aircraft at the airshow.

Static Aircraft
Serial Type Unit Location Other Information
XS774Basset CC.132 Sqdn/R.A.F NortholtStatic
XP817Beaver AL.1No.19/32MU/R.A.F St AthanStatic
XM518Britannia C.199/511 Sqdn/R.A.F Brize NortonStaticCoded "518"
XN928Buccaneer S.1No.4SoTT/R.A.F St AthanStaticAlso marked as"8179M" and coded "LM/631"
WE144Canberra PR.3No.19/32MU/R.A.F St AthanStaticOutside Store - 231OCU marks
WP899Chipmunk T.10University of Wales UAS/St AthanStaticcoded "C"
8031MComet C.2No.4SoTT/R.A.F St AthanStaticFormerly "XK698"
WB533Devon C.221 Sqdn/R.A.F AndoverStatic
XS106Gnat T.1CFS/ValleyStaticCoded "36"
7769MHunter F.4 No.4SoTT/R.A.F St Athan Static Formerly WW590 and Coded "E/26 Sqdn"
7947M Hunter F.4 No.4SoTT/R.A.F St AthanStatic Formerly XF951 and Coded "C/56 Sqdn"
XR643Jet Provost T.4 5MU/R.A.F Kemble Static
XM180Lightning F.1A 226OCU/65 Sqdn/R.A.F Coltishall Static
XS452 Lightning T.5 60MU/Leconfield Static Possibly on 19/32 MU Strength
8113M Pembroke C.1 No.4 SoTT/R.A.F St Athan StaticFormerly "WV751"
XV583Phantom FG.143 Sqdn/LeucharsStaticCoded "G"
7698MProvost T.1No.4 SoTT/R.A.F St AthanStaticCoded "P" and formerly "WV751"
WG558Shackleton MR.2No.19MU/32MUSt AthanStaticCoded "Y" - outside store in No.210 Sqdn markings
XP846Scout AH.1663 Sqdn/NetheravonStatic
XV320Sioux AH.1 No.2FTS/R.A.F Shawbury Static Coded "B"
XG544 Sycamore HC.14 No.32Sqdn/R.A.F NortholtStatic Coded "Z"
WL635Varsity T.1 No.5FTS/R.A.F Oakington Static Coded "B" 
XA940 Victor B.1 No.19/32MU/R.A.F St Athan Static awaiting spares recovery after being Withdrawn from use
XL390 Vulcan B.2 Scampton Wing/R.A.F Scampton Static Possibly on 19/32 MU strength
XT605 Wessex HC.2 No.15MU/R.A.F Wroughton Static/Flying Coded "AD"
XN261 Whirlwind HAS.7 705 Sqdn R.N.A.S Culdrose Static/Flying Coded "61"

WL635 B 5FTS St Athan 180971
(With due credit to TerryG)

In use with the No.4SoTT hangar were:

Serial Type Unit Location Other Information
WP805Chipmunk T.10No.4SoTT/R.A.F St AthanHangarallocated 7438M
7489M/BHunter F.1No.4SoTT/R.A.F St AthanHangarFormerly WT567
7525MHunter F.1No.4SoTT/R.A.F St AthanHangarFormerly WT619
7770M/AHunter F.4No.4SoTT/R.A.F St AthanHangarFormerly WT746- marked in 71 Sqdn marks
8000MWhirlwind HAR.10No.4SoTT/R.A.F St AthanHangarFormerly XL111 - marked as XP345

Recorded in the Museum/Historic Aircraft hangar were:

Serial Type Unit Location Other Information
A92-999JindivikR.A.E AberporthMuseum
K4972Hawker HartHistoric Aircraft HangarMuseum
S1596Supermarine S.6BHistoric Aircraft HangarMuseum
BL614Spitfire LF.5BHistoric Aircraft HangarMuseumCoded "ZD-F" - [allocated 4354M]
WL505Vampire FR.9Historic Aircraft HangarMuseumNo.23 Sqdn markings
 - [allocated 7705M]
WS843Meteor NF(T).14Historic Aircraft HangarMuseumCoded "Y" - [allocated 7937M]
MK356SpitfireHistoric Aircraft HangarMuseumCoded "ZI-V" [allocated 5690M]
XN341Skeeter AOP.12Historic Aircraft HangarMuseum[allocated 8022M]
-Mitsibushi KI-46Historic Aircraft HangarMuseum

FA.330Historic Aircraft HangarMuseum
701152Heinkel.He111HHistoric Aircraft HangarMuseum
494083Junkers JU.87G StukaHistoric Aircraft HangarMuseumCoded "W8+A"
-V-1Historic Aircraft HangarMuseum
MM5701CR-42Historic Aircraft HangarMuseumCoded "13-95"
584219FW.190FHistoric Aircraft HangarMuseumCoded "3-F"
470581Fi-156CHistoric Aircraft HangarMuseumCoded "GM-AK8"
G-ADRYPon-De-CielHistoric Aircraft HangarMuseum

Recorded in the Flying display were : 

Serial Type Unit Location Other Information
A-005Saab A-35XD DrakenEsk-729/Karup/Danish Air ForceFlying
A-009Saab A-35XD DrakenEsk-729/Karup/Danish Air ForceFlying
A-012Saab A-35XD DrakenEsk-729/Karup/Danish Air ForceFlying
A-017Saab A-35XD DrakenEsk-729/Karup/Danish Air ForceFlying
4 XF-4C Phantom91stTFS/81stTFW/R.A.F WoodbridgeSingle Flypast
55-3678F-100D Sabre493rdTFS/48thTFW/R.A.F LakenheathFlyingCoded "LN/678"
56-3210F-100D Sabre493rdTFS/48thTFW/R.A.F LakenheathFlyingCoded "LN/210"
56-3248F-100D Sabre493rdTFS/48thTFW/R.A.F LakenheathFlyingCoded "LN/248"
56-3254F-100D Sabre493rdTFS/48thTFW/R.A.F LakenheathFlyingCoded "LN/254"
No.529CM.170 MagisterPatroiulle De France/Salon-de-ProvenceFlyingBased on west-camp side
No.534CM.170 MagisterPatroiulle De France/Salon-de-ProvenceFlyingBased on west-camp side
No.541CM.170 MagisterPatroiulle De France/Salon-de-ProvenceFlyingBased on west-camp side
No.542CM.170 MagisterPatroiulle De France/Salon-de-ProvenceFlyingBased on west-camp side
No.544CM.170 MagisterPatroiulle De France/Salon-de-ProvenceFlyingBased on west-camp side
No.545CM.170 MagisterPatroiulle De France/Salon-de-ProvenceFlyingBased on west-camp side
No.561CM.170 MagisterPatroiulle De France/Salon-de-ProvenceFlyingBased on west-camp side
No.562CM.170 MagisterPatroiulle De France/Salon-de-ProvenceFlyingBased on west-camp side
No.563CM.170 MagisterPatroiulle De France/Salon-de-ProvenceFlyingBased on west-camp side
No.576CM.170 MagisterPatroiulle De France/Salon-de-ProvenceFlyingBased on west-camp side
WK553Chipmunk T.10Wales UAS/R.A.F St AthanStatic/FlyingCoded "A"
WZ846Chipmunk T.10Wales UAS/R.A.F St AthanStatic/FlyingCoded "D"
XS602Andover C.146 Sqdn/Thorney IslandStatic/Flying
PA474Lancaster B.1BBMF/R.A.F ColtishallFlyingCoded "KM-B"
XP826Beaver AL.1132 Flight/AAC NetheravonStatic/Flying
XR362Belfast C.153 Sqdn/R.A.F Brize NortonFlyingCoded "362"
XV348Buccaneer S.2A-Flying
XF516Hunter F.6ANo.234 Sqdn/No.229OCU/
R.A.F Chivenor
Static/FlyingCoded "49" 
WT308Canberra B.6Royal Aircraft Establishment/Flying
XV256Nimrod MR.1No.42 Sqdn/R.A.F St MawganFlyingCoded "256"
XN600Jet Provost T.4No.19MU/32MU/R.A.F St AthanStatic/Flying
WP962Chipmunk T.10No.3A.E.F/FiltonStatic/Flying/
Day Visitor
Coded "O"
WB947Sedbergh TX.1No.634CGS/R.A.F St AthanStatic/Flying
XM177Lightning F.1AWattisham TFF/R.A.F WattishamFlyingCoded "215"
XS562Wasp HAS.1No.829 Sqdn/R.N.A.S PortlandStatic/FlyingCoded "(HC)-418" HMS Hecate Flight
XP351Whirlwind HAR.1022 Sqdn/R.A.F ChivenorStatic/FlyingSupport Duties + flyby
XS121Wessex HAS.3No.737 Sqdn/R.N.A.S PortlandStatic/FlyingCoded "PO-435"
XV101VC-10 C.1101 Sqdn/R.A.F Brize NortonFlyingCoded "101"
XL161Victor SR.2543 Sqdn/R.A.F WytonFlying
XM603Vulcan B.2Waddington Wing /R.A.F WaddingtonFlying

Private visitors for the day, either to carry out a flying display or local pleasure flights were
BN-2A G-AXRM and G-AXRN both operated by Humber Airways

Inbound for the day bringing in some Senior Military visitors and officials was -:
No.32 Sqdn/R.A.F Northolt Andover CC.2 XS789
A further report indicates the following were also present during the day
Serial Type Unit Location Other Information
XW288Jet Provost T.5-Presumed Flying
XW289Jet Provost T.5-Presumed Flying
XW294Jet Provost T.5-Presumed Flying
XL635Britannia C.1No.99/511 Sqdn/R.A.F Brize NortonPresumed FlyingCoded "635"
XP825Beaver AL.1No.19/32MU/R.A.F St AthanUnknown
XA312Cadet TX.1No.634 CGS/R.A.F St AthanStatic
XM180Lightning F.1-Presumed Flying
XR757Lightning F.6-Presumed Flying
XS904Lightning F.6-Presumed Flying


WZ862/BChipmunk T.10Wales UAS/R.A.F St AthanUAS Base hangar

Noted around the dump store area were.
Serial Type Unit Location Other Information
WG554Shackleton MR.2CEx 210 Sqdn/-Outside storeCoded "V"
WG556Shackleton MR.2CEx R.A.F Ballykenny/-Outside storeCoded "B"
WR969Shackleton MR.2CEx 205 Sqdn/--Outside storeCoded "A"
XA941Victor B.1Ex 214 Sqdn/R.A.F MarhamOutside store
XA935Victor B.1Ex 214 Sqdn/R,A,F MarhamOutside store
XL164Victor B.2Ex AAEE/R.A.F Boscombe DownOutside Store
WJ898Varsity T.1Ex No.6 FTS/R.AF FinningleyOutside Store
WH706Canberra T.4Ex R.A.F Wildenrath Stn Flight/81 SqdnM.U Dump
WH637Canberra T.4Ex R.A.F Akrotiri Stn FlightM.U Dump
WH651Canberra T.4 Ex No.45 Sqdn/R.A.F ?M.U Dump
WH841 CanberraM.U Dump
WJ774Canberra B.15Ex 32 SqdnM.U Dump
M.U Dump

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