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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Page 40 - St Athan Airshow 1975


With thanks to Mike Bursell and my own logs the following were recorded at the "Battle of Britain" Airshow on 20th September 1975 were (Pictures credit Ray Barber/


77/312-BG silver Noratlas FrAF
64-0569 (wh) C-130E Hercules 314thTAW/Ramstein AFB
XR143/143 Argosy E.1 115 Sqdn/Brize Norton
XP282 Auster AOP.9 St Athan Store
XP827 Beaver AL.1 St Athan Store
XL657/657 Britannia C.1 St Athan store but still in 99/511 Sqdn marks

Picture credit Roger Mazey
XN972/8181M Buccaneer S.1 No.4 SOTT/St Athan
XX628/48 Bulldog T.1 Wales UAS/St Athan
XH132 Canberra SC.9 RRE/Pershore
WP905/7438M Chipmunk T.10 No.4 SOTT/St Athan
TG505/505 Hastings T.5 SCBS/230 OCU/Scampton
XG254 K Hunter FGA.9 1 TWU/Brawdy
XW427 Jet Provost T.5 Kemble 5.MU hack
XX481 81 Jetstream T.1 St Athan Store
WD790 Meteor NF.11 RRE/Pershore
XV249 49 Nimrod MR.1 Kinloss Wing
(XK862)/8194M Pembroke C.1 No.4 SOTT/St Athan
G-BDAM Harvard Private

Musuem – [displayed in hangar or outside static]
WZ662 Auster AOP.9 SWHAPS Loan
Avro 504K replica airframe
6232 BE-2C replica airframe
WD935 Canberra B.2
VM791 Cadet T.1 incorrect serial - airframe is XA312
D3419 Camel replica airframe
475081/GM-AK8 FI-156C
584219/3C FW-190C
701152 He-111 H
120227/2 He-162
WB188 Hunter F.3 (7154M not carried)
494083/RI-JK JU-87D
360043/D5-EV Ju-88D
730301 Me-110G
5439 KI-46 (BAPC 84 believed marked on airframe)
191904 ME-163B
WS843/Y Meteor NF(T).14
WA634 Meteor T.7 (mod)
VX272 P.1052 (7174M not carried)
7698M P3 Provost T.1 (WV499 not carried)
A1742 Scout
XN341 Skeeter AOP.12 (8022M not carried)
BL614/ZD-F Spitfire LF.5B (4354M)
MK356/ZI-V Spitfire (5690M)
WL505 Vampire FR.9 (7705M – 23 Sqdn mks)
MM5701/13-95 CR-42

No.4 SOTT (School of Technical Training)
XN928/8179M Buccaneer S.1
XN930/8180M Buccaneer S.1
XN953/8182M Buccaneer S.1
WT746/7770M Hunter F.4 A/71Sqdn
XF974/7949M Hunter F.4 C/8 Sqdn
XM411/8435M Jet Provost T.3
XN512/8436M Jet Provost T.3
XN554/8407M Jet Provost T.3
XS186/8408M Jet Provost T.4
XS209/8409M Jet Provost T.4
XG327/8188M Lightning F.1
WV703/8108M Pembroke C.1 with WV704/8109M, WV741/8110M,
WV743/8112M and WV753/8113M.

XL111 8000M Whirlwind HAR.10

Operating out of RAF St Mawgan for a flypast were:-
G-283 F-100D Super Sabre Esk.727, Royal Danish AF with G-290, G-747, G-768 GT-982 F-100F Super Sabre

XN817 Argosy C.1 AAEE/Boscombe Down
XR362/362 Belfast C.1 53 Sqdn/Brize Norton
XH1?? Canberra PR.9 39 Sqdn/Wyton
XS100/57 Gnat T.1 4FTS/Valley
XS106/36 Gnat T.1 4FTS/Valley
XW299/56 Jet Provost T.5A 1 FTS/Linton On Ouse
XW374/75 Jet Provost T.5A 1 FTS/Linton On Ouse
XR751/R Lightning F.3 5 Sqdn/Binbrook
XR761/A Lightning F.6 56 Sqdn/Wattisham
XR725/P Lightning F.6 56 Sqdn/Wattisham
XV259/59 Nimrod MR.1 St Mawgan Wing
XW226/DK Puma HC.1 230 Sqdn/Odiham
XS517/(VL)/WV Wessex HU.5 707 Sqdn/Yeovilton
XV102/102 VC-10 C.1K 10 Sqdn/Brize Norton
XA937 Victor K.1A 214 Sqdn/Marham – towing 2 x F.6
XM575 Vulcan B.2 101 Sqdn/Waddington
XP350 Whirlwind HAR.10 22 Sqdn/Brawdy

Stored Residents elsewhere:
XM490/490 Britannia C.1 St Athan Store
XM517/517 Britannia C.1 St Athan Store
XN392/392 Britannia C.2 St Athan Store
XN404/404 Britannia C.2 St Athan Store
WJ984 Canberra B.2 Dumped rear fuselage
WH963 Canberra B.15 Dumped rear fuselage
XA930 Victor K.1A Dumped
XM655 Vulcan B.2 Hangared for servicing

K-687 C.47 Dakota ESK-/RDAF (visitor after show)
VP976 Devon C.2 207 Sqdn/
Wyton (visitor)

Some extras/additions plus a few OTT noted by Mike Kemp:-

G-BBKZ Cessna 172
XW208 (56) Jet Provost T.5

G-AZPH Pitts Special
XS714 Dominie T.1

G-AXYW Stampe SV 4C
XW360 Jet Provost T.5

G-AWVB D 177 (mock Luftwaffe colours)
XW354 Jet Provost T.5 The Poachers

G-BCZK Bell 47G
XW357 Jet Provost T.5 The Poachers

G-AWFY Allouette II
XW420 Jet Provost T.5 The Poachers
XW438 Jet Provost T.5 The Poachers

N320HG Cessna 500 OTT
XV215 (F) Hercules C.1

N199CL DC 8-63 Capitol A/L OTT
WB530 Devon

OO-SJJ Boeing 707 Sabena OTT
WL790 Shackleton

N8630 DC 8 Air Bahamas OTT
XV259/59 Nimrod

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