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Monday, January 19, 2009

Page 33 - St Athan Airshow 1968

St Athan 68
KN452, TG517, XL993 & XK624 - Pic credit Peter Phillips

R.A.F St Athan Airshow held 17/09/1968

With thanks to a report which was sent in by a Mr Peter Phillip [R.I.P] who logged the following aircraft as well as some of my families notes.

Static Aircraft

Serial Type Unit Location Other Information
XR240Auster AOP.9No.19MU/32MU St AthanStatic
XR269Auster AOP.9No.19MU/32MU St AthanStatic
KN452Dakota C.4-Staticwhite upper/
blue cheat and grey lower
XS733Dominie T.1-Static
TG517Hastings C.1SCBS/R.A.F LindholmeStaticCoded "517"
XJ639Hunter F6A (No.229OCU/R.A.F Chivenor?) Static Coded "B"
WV751Pembroke C.1 -Static
XP921Sea Vixen FAW.2-Static
XL993Twin Pioneer CC.1-Static
XK624Vampire T.11No.19MU/32MU St AthanStatic
WJ915Varsity T.1-Static
XS493Wessex HU.5 - Static
XP360 Whirlwind HAR.10 22 OR 202 Sqdn/-Static

In use with the No.4 SoTT hangar were:

Serial Type Unit Location Other Information
WW644Hunter F.1No.4SoTT/R.A.F St AthanHangar
XF975Hunter F.4No.4SoTT/R.A.F St AthanHangar
WV751Pembroke C.1No.4SoTT/R.A.F St AthanHangar
WT567Hunter F.1No.4SoTT/R.A.F St AthanHangar
WT619Hunter F.1No.4SoTT/R.A.F St AthanHangar
WT716Hunter F.1No.4SoTT/R.A.F St AthanHangar
WT746Hunter F.1No.4SoTT/R.A.F St AthanHangar
WZ476Vampire T.11No.4SoTT/R.A.F St AthanHangar

In use with the Museum hangar were:

Serial Type Unit Location Other Information
191904Me.163BHistoric Area/R.A.F St AthanHangar
701152He.111BHistoric Area/R.A.F St AthanHangarCoded "NT+SL"
494083Ju.87G StukaHistoric Area/R.A.F St AthanHangarCoded "RI-JK"
MM5701Fiat CR.42Historic Area/R.A.F St AthanHangar
EE549Meteor IV SpecialHistoric Area/R.A.F St AthanHangar
RD253Beaufighter TF.XHistoric Area/R.A.F St AthanHangar
K4972Hawker HartHistoric Area/R.A.F St AthanHangar
MM5701Fiat CR.42Historic Area/R.A.F St AthanHangar

The following additional aircraft were recorded aircraft as being either static/flying or both

Serial Type Unit Location Other Information
XS609Andover C.146 Sqdn/R.A.F Thorney IslandStatic/Flyingcamo
XR366Belfast C.153 Sqdn/R.A.F Brize NortonFlying
XL660Britannia C.1[99/511 Sqdn/R.A.F Lyneham]-Coded "660"
XM497Britannia C.1[99/511 Sqdn/R.A.F Lyneham]Coded "497"
XV166Buccaneer S.2B-

WT319Canberra B(1).6[19/32 MU/St Athan]
WH701Canberra B.2No.19/32MU/R.A.F St AthanStatic[Possibly with No.4SoTT]
WE192Canberra T.4-Flying
XA289Cadet TX.1No.634 Gliding School/
R.A.F St Athan
WK553Chipmunk T.10[University of Wales Air Sqdn
/R.A.F St Athan

WP831Chipmunk T.10University of Wales Air Sqdn
/R.A.F St Athan]

WP971Chipmunk T.10[University of Wales Air Sqdn/
R.A.F St Athan]
XS709Dominie T.1-Flying

XS733Dominie T.1
XL452Gannet AEW.3[849 Sqdn/R.N.A.S Brawdy]Coded "497"
XP530Gnat T.1-Static/Flying
XP542Gnat T.1-Static/Flying
XR537Gnat T.1Static/Flying
XS105Gnat T.1-Static/Flying
XV216Hercules C.1-Flying
XF297Hunter GA.11[19/32 MU/St Athan]
XP564Jet Provost T.4
XP565Jet Provost T.4-Static/Flying
XM463Jet Provost T.3A

XJ582Sea Vixen FAW.2-Flying
XP921Sea Vixen FAW.2-Flying
XF706Shackleton MR.3/3[No.19/32MU/R.A.F St Athan]
WJ915Varsity T.1-

XV103VC.10 C.110 Sqdn/R.A.F Brize NortonFlying
XP345Whirlwind HAR.10
XP352Whirlwind HAR.10
XP360Whirlwind HAR.10
XL192Victor K.2
XL189Victor K.2
XA924Victor B.1[No.4 SoTT/R.A.F St Athan]Stored on PicketstoneAllocated 7701M
XM599Vulcan B.2
XS493Wessex HU.5

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