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Monday, February 9, 2009

Page 77 - Rhoose 1960 Magazine Review

Copied from the Dec 60 Edition of "Air Britain's Aircraft Movements Review" by A R Davies is the following report:-
Spotting in the Cardiff Area. (A.R.Davies.)
Cardiff is situated a few miles South of the Airway 'Green One', with Rhoose Airport and R.A.F. St.Athan to the West, by ten and fourteen miles respectively. The 'Green One' traffic is scarce, but "stray" transatlantic machines are sometimes seen, inc. Boeing 707, DC-8, DC-7C, L-1049, L-1649 and Comet 4. MATS/USAF provide a large amount of movements in the area, C-124Cs on the Azores route make a navigational turn over Cardiff, and a few C-133s are also seen. The aircraft operating from Rhoose are mainly the resident light planes, Auster, Tiger Moth, Prentice, Jackaroo and Cessna 170B G-APVS belonging to Stan Stennett. Cambrian Airways DC-3s and Aer Lingus Fokker Friendships use the airport regularly, and airliners up to L-749 and DC-4 size have visited. St.Athan's maintenance units handle the Javelin, Vampire, Valiant and Twin Pioneer, all of which can be seen on their way in and out, and of course, one of the most regular types over the area, though nobody knows where it is going or why, is the inevitable Anson.
"Either they were ignoring St Athan traffic or maybe this could have been bound for Aberporth - a precurser to the almost daily RAE Dove which I believe flew a F/boro - Aberporth - Llanbedr - West Freugh - F/Boro loop"
Thanks to Air Britain & Mike Kemp

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