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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

LOG's for 21st January

1956 St Athan
PH662/A Anson C.12
Log credit Roy Montgomery/Roundel magazine

1971 Rhoose
I-DKET Falcon 20 Operated by "Fiat" f London t Paris
Log credit Mikeyf

1979 Rhoose
One of the better diversion days took place this year. Amongst the arrivals were aircraft diverting from both Gatwick/Heathrow and Manchester.
Dan Air brought in BAC1-11 G-ATVH, G-AXCK both as Gatwick diversion's,whilst G-BDAS, G-BDAT were also present operating normal CWL services. Boeing 727 G-BAJW arrived as a Manchester diversion from Alicante.
Brittania Airways are believed to have had three diversions and one regular as noted were G-AXNC, G-BADP, G-BFVA and A4O-BG. The last one being on lease from Gulf Air and it operated "BY808".
Aer Lingus arrived with three B-737 EI-ASA, EI-ASF and EI-BCR.
Sterling arrived with three Sud Aviation SE.210 Caravelle's OY-SAC,OY-SAF and OY-STH whilst British Airways brought in two BAC1-11 G-AVMJ and one unknown example (reg anyone please??) - see below for the lone British Airways Trident
Other notable aircraft visiting were:
D-ABEY Boeing 737 130 Lufthansa c/n 19794 ("DLH068" Heathrow diversion)
G-AVFD Hawker-Siddeley Trident 2E British Airways c/n 2143 (Heathrow diversion)
G-AZKM Boeing 720 051B Monarch Airlines c/n 18382 (diversion)
G-BELO Douglas DC-10 10 Laker Airways c/n 46501 (Gatwick diversion - arr ex Toronto).
EI-AYW Pa-23 arrived from Shannon as a "normal" visitor rather than a weather diversion!
Log credit IanG/Mikeyf

1985 Rhoose
F-GDHS Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise B-60 Private c/n 1532SA
Log credit IanG

1986 Rhoose
XV217/217 green/grey camo Hercules C.3 LTW (overshoot)
F-BUYR Beech 58 Baron Private c/n TH-421
Log credit IanG

1992 St Athan
ZA446/F green/grey camo Tornado GR.1 St Athan MU-15Sqdn marks (red fin)
ZA588/B-52 green/grey camo Tornado GR.1 St Athan MU-TTTE marks
ZD669/- green/grey camo Harrier GR.3 St Athan MU-no marks
ZE294/AQ a/s grey Tornado F.3 St Athan MU-229OCU/65Sqdn marks
Log credit IanG

1997 St Athan
XZ304/- green/grey camo Gazelle AH.1 AAC c/s "AAC 373"
XZ581/-514 grey Sea King HAS.6 RN OEU/RWTS/Boscombe Down c/s "Navy 514"
ZA168/-512 grey Sea King HAS.6 RN OEU/RWTS/Boscombe Down c/s "Navy 512"
ZE157/- a/s grey Tornado F.3T St Athan MU-no marks c/s "STN 01" (airtest)
Log credit IanG

2001 Rhoose
OH-JET Bae125 "JEF121" n/stop until 23rd
G-JAKI Mooney Mo.20 Private
XV-243 Nimrod MR.2 Royal Air Force - low approach and go around only
Log credit Mikeyf

2002 St Athan
ZA150/- primer VC-10 K.3 St Athan MU-Ex 101Sqdn/Brize Norton (at detuner 10:50 and to hangar 13:15)
XX169/- gloss black Hawk T.1 St Athan MU-no marks (tugged Northside to hangar 11:15)
XX979/- green/grey camo Jaguar GR.1A St Athan MU-no marks (tugged from hangar to storage 13:45)
ZA412/- grey Tornado GR.4T St Athan MU-no marks (hangar 75 10:50)
ZJ266/66 black/yellow Squirrel HT.1 DGFS/Shawbury c/s "Shawbury 56" (landed 14:10)
Log credit Bill Hodges

2003 St Athan
XX189/189 gloss black Hawk T.1A 19[R]Sqdn/4FTS/Valley c/s "Thunder" (flies 12:05"
XX329/329 gloss black Hawk T.1A 19[R]Sqdn/4FTS/Valley c/s "Thunder" (flies 12:05"
XX841/PQ grey Jaguar T.4 St Athan MU-no marks (on the main 14:45)
XX974/- grey Jaguar GR.3 St Athan MU-no marks (in detuner 10:55)
ZD612/-129 Sea Harrier F/A.2 St Athan MU-no marks (at hangar 11:20)
Log credit Bill Hodges

2004 Rhoose
G-IONA Aerospatiale ATR-42-300 Highland Airways c/n 17
Log credit Colin Cole

2004 St Athan
XX117/PA grey/special Jaguar GR.3A St Athan MU-Unit? (on the main 14:35)
XX838/PR grey Jaguar T.4 St Athan MU-16[R]Sqdn marks (on the main 10:30)
ZE982/VV a/s grey Tornado F.3 St Athan MU-no marks c/s "STN 01" (airtest 11:30)
ZJ271/71 black/yellow Squirrel HT.1 DHFS/Shawbury c/s "Shawbury 59" (landed 12:10 and departed 13:35)
ZJ276/76 black/yellow Squirrel HT.1 DHFS/Shawbury c/s "Shawbury 57" (landed 11:45 and departed 13:45)
G-DAZY PA-34 200T Seneca II Private c/s "Clifton 02" (landed 11:45 and departed to Coningsby 13:05)
Log credit Bill Hodges

2005 St Athan
XX239/239 gloss black Hawk T.1 -/4FTS/Valley (NRV 10:15)
ZE790/- a/s grey Tornado F.3 St Athan MU-no marks
Log credit Bill Hodges & RichT

2005 OTT
69-0008/- (-)dg grey C-5A Galaxy 137thAS/NY ANG/Stewart Field, NY c/s "Reach 6008" (UG1 WB 09:30)
02-1108/- (-)dg grey C-17A Globemaster III 62ndAW/McChord AFB, WA c/s "Reach 2108" (UG1 WB 08:25)
F-GSTC Airbus A300 B4-600ST Airbus Skylink c/n 765
Log credit IanG

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