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Monday, January 19, 2009

LOG's for 19th January

1980 Rhoose
EI-BHL Beech E90 Kin Air Private c/n LW-321 (based)
G-AXMG BAX 1-11 517FG Monarch Airlines c/n 201
G-AZNX Boeing 720 051B Monarch Airlines c/n 18383
G-BAZH Boeing 737 204 Britannia Airways c/n 20807
G-BBRO HS125 600B Private c/n 245042
G-BFDR Beech B60 Duke Private c/n P-399 (based)
G-GFAL Douglas DC-10 10F Laker Airways c/n 46970

Also in today for the "Five Nations" clash between France and Wales at the Cardiff Arms Park were the following French aircraft:-

F-BJTG Sud Aviation SE.210 Caravelle 3 Air Charter International c/n 115
F-BRUN Beech 99 Private c/n U-11
F-BSEL Sud Aviation SE.210 Caravelle 6R Euralair c/n 167
F-BTCK Piper PA-31 310 Turbo Navajo B Private c/n 31-742
F-BTDL Sud Aviation SE.210 Caravelle 6R Euralair c/n 136
F-BTME Beech 99 Private c/n U-79
F-BTOV Vickers Vanguard 952 Europe Aer Service c/n 746
F-BUOS Beech 48 Baron Private c/n TH-401
F-BUYR Beech 58 Baron Private c/n TH-421
F-BVPA Aerospatiale SN 601 Corvette Private c/n 5
F-BVRB Piper PA-31 350 Navajo Chieftain Private c/n 31-7405199
F-BVUY Vickers Vanguard 952 Europe Aer Service c/n 744
F-BXAZ Piper PA-23 Aztec E250 Private c/n 27-7405437
F-GBBT Fokker F-28 Fellowship 1000 TAT c/n 11052
Log credit IanG

1989 Rhoose
ZF578/- silver Lightning F.53 Wales Air Museum c/n 95275 (i think this was the day it arrived. See Stu's WAM article for further info)
Log credit IanG

1989 St Athan
XV429/- a/s grey Phantom FGR.2 St Athan MU-no marks c/n 3124
ZA191/129 dark grey Sea Harrier FRS.1 800Sqdn/Yeovilton
ZA459/EL green/grey camo Tornado GR.1 15Sqdn/Laarbruch, Germany
Log credit IanG

1993 St Athan
XL602/- dark grey Hunter T.8M BAe/Dunsfold c/s "Hawker Lima"
XX175/175 red/white 7FTS/Chivenor c/s "CHV 08" (overshoot)
ZA195/- dark grey Sea Harrier FRS.2 BAe/Dunsfold c/s "Hawker Romeo" (black and white check fin & engine intakes)
ZA325/- green/grey camo Tornado GR.1T St Athan MU-no marks
ZE202/AH a/s grey Tornado F.3T St Athan MU-56[R]Sqdn marks c/s "STN 01" (air test)
ZE343/AI a/s grey Tornado F.3T St Athan MU-56[R]Sqdn marks
ZG533/CF dark green St Athan MU-4Sqdn marks
Log credit IanG

1995 St Athan
ZE168/EB a/s grey Tornado F.3 St Athan MU-23Sqdn marks
Log credit IanG

1997 Rhoose
G-AVMZ BAC 1-11 510ED European Aviation c/n 153
G-BGBI Reims-Cessna F.150L Private c/n 0688
G-BPNT BAE146 300 Flightline c/n E3126
G-DRVE Airbus A320 211 Airtours International c/n 0221
Log credit Ian Jenkins

2001 Rhoose
F-HCHA Beech 1900D Private c/n UE-37
Log credit RichT

2004 St Athan
XX189/189 gloss black Hawk T.1A 19[R]Sqdn/4FTS/Valley c/s "Thunder 1" (landed 09:40 and departed as "VYT 95" 11:35)
XX838/PR grey Jaguar T.4 St Athan MU-16[R]Sqdn marks c/s "STN 01" (air test)
ZA147/- grey/primer VC-10 K.3 St Athan MU-Ex 101Sqdn (at UAS 08:45)
ZA546/DC grey Tornado GR.4 St Athan MU-31Sqdn marks (to metro 11:00)
ZE161/- a/s grey Tornado F.3 St Athan MU-no marks c/s "STN 02" (air test 10:35 and lands 11:40)
ZF171/171 gloss black Tucano T.1 1FTS/Linton on Ouse c/s "LOP 11" (MU departure)
Log credit Bill Hodges

2005 Rhoose
EI-CJG Boeing 737 204 Ryanair c/n 22058
G-BVZE Boeing 737 59D bmi Baby c/n 26422
G-LOFB Lockheed L-188 Electra CF Atlantic Airlines c/n 1131
N58HK Cessna 550 Citation Bravo Private c/n 550-1086
N771SC Beech B200 King Air Private c/n 88-1636
PH-WXD Fokker F-70 KLM cityhopper c/n 11563
Log credit IanG

2005 St Athan
ZD996/- grey Tornado GR.4 St Athan MU-13Sqdn marks (on the metro 10:45)
Log credit Bill Hodges

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