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Thursday, June 4, 2009

EVENTS for 4th June

On 4th June 1942 Spitfire I R6815 of 53 OTU had its engine catch fire causing it to belly land at Penterry Farm, Tintern, Monmouth.

On 4th June 1998 Rans S6-116 G-SSIX force landed in a field at Parc Coed Machen Farm near Cardiff Airport. The aircraft had taken off on a flight from RAF St Athan to Oaksey Park, near RAF Benson, and was under the control of Cardiff ATC. After routing over Cardiff city at 1500 feet amsl and when mid-way between Cardiff and Newport, the engine began to run roughly. The pilot transmitted a 'Pan' call on the Cardiff RT frequency, requesting a diversion to the nearest airfield. Despite the aircraft's radio transmission being 'almost unreadable' by Cardiff ATC, the pilot was advised that Cardiff Airport was in fact the nearest airfield and given navigational assistance to avoid overflying the city. As a forced landing appeared likely, the pilot elected to remain to the North of the M4 motorway until abeam the Airport, and advised ATC accordingly. A light aircraft flying in the vicinity was requested by Cardiff ATC to follow 'IX'. The latter aircraft steadily lost height until at approximately 500 feet agl the pilot looked for a suitable field in which he could land into wind. However, at about 200 feet agl the engine failed completely and he carried out a forced landing in a field which had a down-slope. The pilot was unable to stop the aircraft before it collided with a fence, but at low speed. He was uninjured and there was no fire. The pilot of the other aircraft passed the position of the forced landing to Cardiff ATC. A South Wales Police helicopter then flew to the landing site where it was ascertained that the pilot was unhurt; the crew therefore cancelled the call-out of the Emergency Services. The aircraft is still active, and based at Wellesbourne Mountford.

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