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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

LOG's for 21st April

1977 Rhoose
G-ANCF Bristol Britannia 308F Invicta Airways c/n 12922
Log credit Julian Griffith-Jones

1984 Rhoose
F-BIUK Fokker F-27 100 Friendship Uni-Air c/n 10247
G-ATVH BAC 1-11 207AJ Dan-Air c/n 040
G-BICP Robin DR.360 Chevalier Private c/n 610
G-BIRA Socata TB-9 Tampico Private c/n 186
N8752K Cessna 340A Private c/n 340A-0639
Log credit IanG

1984 OTT
N872TV Douglas DC-7 73CF Transamerica Airlines c/n 46001
Log credit IanG

1997 St Athan
XS739/F gloss black Dominie T.1 St Athan MU-55[R]Sqdn marks
XX167/- gloss black Hawk T.1 208[R]Sqdn/4FTS/Valley c/s "Sabre 1"
XX181/- barley grey Hawk T.1 208[R]Sqdn/4FTS/Valley c/s "VYT 47"
XX186/- gloss black Hawk T.1A 74[R]Sqdn/4FTS/Valley c/s "Jester 2"
XX204/- barley grey Hawk T.1A 208[R]Sqdn/4FTS/Valley c/s "Mustang 2"
XX231/- gloss black Hawk T.1 19[R]Sqdn/4FTS/Valley c/s "Mustang 1"
XX246/- gloss black Hawk T.1A 74[R]Sqdn/4FTS/Valley c/s "Jester 1"
XX317/DL gloss black Hawk T.1A 208[R]Sqdn/4FTS/Valley c/s "Sabre 2"
XX329/- gloss black Hawk T.1A 74[R]Sqdn/4FTS/Valley c/s "VYT 73"
XX332/- gloss black Hawk T.1A 74[R]Sqdn/4FTS/Valley c/s "Jester 3"
XX830/- raspberry ripple Jaguar T.2 St Athan MU-no marks (hangar)
XZ372/ED green/grey camo Jaguar GR.1A St Athan MU-6Sqdn marks (tugged to storage hangar)
ZA405/Y green/grey camo Tornado GR.1A S Athan MU-2Sqdn marks
ZA591/- matt black Tornado GR.1 St Athan MU-store
ZD991/- gloss black Harrier T.8 St Athan MU-no marks c/s "Hawker Tango"
ZE694/- grey Sea Harrier F/A.2 St Athan MU-no marks
ZE962/- a/s grey Tornado F.3 St Athan MU-no marks c/s "STN 01"
Log credit IanG

1999 Rhoose
PH-KZC Fokker F-70 KLM cityhopper c/n 11566
Log credit RichT

1999 St Athan
ZH536/- grey Islander CC.2 Northolt SF
ZH541/- yellow Sea King HAR.3 Unit ?
Log credit RichT

2005 Rhoose
G-CIVB Boeing 747 436 British Airways c/n 25811
N411WW Gulfstream G4 Private c/n 1203
TF-ELW Airbus A300 C4-605RF Islandsflug c/n 755
ZH887/887 Hercules C.5 LTW/Lyneham (overshoot)
Log credit IanG & RichT

2005 OTT
02-1111/- (-)dg grey C-17A 62ndAW/McChord AFB, WA c/s "Reach 2111" (UL9 EB 13:25)
Log credit IanG

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