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Thursday, August 6, 2009

EVENTS for 6th August

On 6th August 1940 Battle I K7640 had its engine cut, in the subsequent forced landing at Margam Range it overshot and struck a hedge. Repaired by Fairey, it later went to the RCAF as 1809.

On 6th August 1941 Spitfire I X4381 of 53 OTU dived out of cloud, lost a wing and crashed into Taran Felen Uchaf, Ton Pentre, near Pontpridd, killing the pilot. The a/c was struck off charge on 21st August and, on 30th January 1942, went to the Crash Investigation Unit at Farnborough. It subsequently became GIA 3546M at 12 SoTT Melksham before being scrapped on 14th June 1945.

On 6th August 1952 Vampire F.1 TG305 of 208 AFS flew into the Bristol Channel and broke up. The pilot had become distracted in a tail chase and inadvertently descended in poor visibility.

On 6th August 2005 Cessna 150M G-BOVS force landed in a field near Rumney, north east of Cardiff. At the conclusion of a trial lesson, the instructor was returning to Cardiff Airport at 1,400 ft on the published Cardiff Docks arrival when the engine started to vibrate. The vibration became severe, accompanied by a loud mechanical banging sound and the airspeed was decreasing, so the pilot reduced engine rpm and sought the nearest suitable field, transmitting a MAYDAY call before concentrating on the landing. The aircraft was landed in a grass field and touchdown was made at minimum airspeed with 40º flap selected. The grass was wet and, despite application of the wheel brakes, the aircraft over-ran the field boundary, passing through brambles and a wire fence. The left wing struck a fence post, turning the aircraft through 90º before it came to rest on a minor road with the nose landing gear collapsed. The instructor and student vacated the aircraft normally and without injury. The registration was cancelled on 1st September 2005 as "destroyed".

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