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Thursday, August 20, 2009

EVENTS for 20th August

On 20th August 1987 Tiger Moth G-AOBJ crashed soon after take-off from Cardiff Airport and was severely damaged. The pilots of two Tiger Moth aircraft, G-ANFI and G-AOBJ, planned to carry out air-to-air photography with the photographer in 'FI'. The pilot of 'FI' made the radio calls for both aircraft and they entered Runway 30 at taxiway 'H'. They were cleared to takeoff at 1829 hrs. 'FI' took off first, followed after a few seconds by 'BJ'. The pilot of 'FI' turned right onto the downwind leg;when he last saw 'BJ' flying it was climbing on the runway heading at about 150 feet agl. The ATC controller saw 'BJ' start to turn crosswind but his attention was momentarily drawn to an aircraft on final approach. When he looked back, 'BJ' was descending in a nose down attitude, banked to the right. It then disappeared behind a hangar to the northwest of the Control Tower, only to reappear seconds later climbing in a steep nose up attitude, tracking crosswind. It was reported to be "twisting and yawing" as it turned to the left and then descended into a field just outside the airfield perimeter. Aircraft accident action was initiated at 1831 hrs and the Airport Fire Service (AFS) was on scene at 1832 hrs.

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