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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

LOG's for 18th November

1979 Rhoose
G-AXPB Beagle B121 100 Pup Private c/n B117
G-BGLC Vickers 839 Viscount Air Bridge Carriers c/n 436
G-BMEC Boeing 737 2S3 Air Europe c/n 21776

Log credit IanG

1992 St Athan
ZD996/I a/s grey Tornado GR.1A St Athan MU-2Sqdn marks
Log credit IanG

2002 St Athan
XX189/189 gloss black Hawk T.1A 4FTS/Valley c/s "VYT 88" (landed 09:45 and departed 11:35 as "VYT 645" ..landed back 12:15)
XX222/- gloss black Hawk T.1A St Athan MU-no marks c/s "STN 03" (departed 14:35 and landed back 15:15)
XX233/- gloss red Hawk T.1 St Athan MU-no marks (tugged from Northside to hangar 10:20 ..departed 11:55 and landed back 14:35)
XX350/350 gloss black Hawk T.1A St Athan MU-no marks (tugged from hangar to Northside 15:30)
ZB604/722 gloss Black Harrier T.8 St Athan MU-no marks (tugged from hangar to compass bay 10:40)
ZB615/- raspberry ripple Jaguar T.2A ETPS/Boscombe Down c/s "Tester 72" (overshoot 11:20)
ZG798/WA a/s grey Tornado F.3 St Athan MU-no marks c/s "STN 01" (departed 12:20)
Log credit Bill Hodges

2003 St Athan
XX154/- raspberry ripple Hawk T.1 ETPS/Boscombe Down c/s "Tester 04" (overshoot 11:15)
ZA544/- grey Tornado GR.4 St Athan MU-no marks (detuner 10:10)
Log credit Bill Hodges

2004 Rhoose
EI-DMG Cessna 441 Conquest II Private c/n 441-0165
G-BVZG Boeing 737 5Q8 bmi baby c/n 25160
Log credit IanG

2005 Rhoose
EC-FZE British Aerospace 146-200QT TNT Airways c/n E2105
OH-WIC Bombardier 604 Challenger Private c/n 5452
Log credit IanG & Colin Cole

2005 St Athan
G-CCMI Scottish Aviation Bulldog 120 Private c/n BH120/199
Log credit Colin Cole

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