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Saturday, May 30, 2009

LOG's for 30th May

1978 Rhoose
G-ATMT Piper PA-30 160 Twin Comanche Private c/n 30-439
G-ATTI Piper PA-28 140 Cherokee Private c/n 28-21951
G-AVCY Piper PA-30 160B Twin Comanche Private c/n 30-1367
G-AXIP Piper PA-28 140B Cherokee Private c/n 28-25790
G-AYPJ Piper PA-28 180E Cherokee Private c/n 28-5821
G-AYRP Reims-Cessna FA.150L Aerobat Private c/n 0101
G-BASO Lake LA-4 180 Buccaneer Private c/n 358
G-BBIF Piper PA-23 250E Aztec Private c/n 27-7305234
G-BBPV Piper PA-31 350 Navajo Chieftain Private c/n 31-7305097
G-BBVE Cessna 340 Private c/n 340-0304
G-BCVW Socata GY-80 180 Horizon Private c/n 145
G-BDRC Vickers Viscount 724 Intra Airways c/n 52
G-BFDR Beech B60 Duke Private c/n P-399
G-CELT Embraer Emb-110 P2 Bandeirante Air Wales c/n 110161
PH-WCU Piper PA-28 R-201T Turbo Arrow III Private c/n 28R-7703094
Log credit IanG

1979 Rhoose
EC-BIB Sud Aviation SE.210 Caravelle 10B1R Transeuropa c/n 223
G-AVCY Piper PA-30 160B Twin Comanche Private c/n 30-1367
G-AVLC Piper PA-28 140 Cherokee Private c/n 28-23178
G-AVYX Agusta-Bell AB.206 Jet Ranger B Private c/n 8025
G-AYPJ Piper PA-28 180E Cherokee Private c/n 28-5821
G-BCZR Vickers Viscount 838 British Midland Airways c/n 446
G-BRFG Cessna 340A Private c/n 340A-0012
G-HARV Piper PA-23 250F Aztec Private c/n 27-7754002
G-OSHH Cessna 404 Titan Private c/n 404-0410
N60253 Beech E90 King Air Private c/n LW-321
Log credit IanG

1985 OTT
N8SC Lockheed Jetstar 731 Private c/n 5106
Log credit IanG

1988 Rhoose
N60DB Aero Commander 690B Private c/n 11420
N891CQ Dassault Falcon 10 Private c/n 53
Log credit IanG

2002 Rhoose
G-EMBB Embraer ERJ-145EU British Airways CitiExpress
G-FRYI Beech B200 Super King Air Private c/n BB-210
Log credit Colin Cole

2002 St Athan
XX280/280 gloss black Hawk T.1A 4FTS/Valley
XZ356/- grey Jaguar GR.3A St Athan MU-no marks c/s "STN 01" (airtest 11:35 and landed back 11:50)
ZD811/BK grey Tornado GR.1/4 St Athan MU- no marks
ZG772/WJ a/s grey Tornado F.3 St Athan MU-no marks c/s "STN 03" (airtest 11:30)
Log credit Bill Hodges

2005 Rhoose
D-ARFB Airbus A321 231 Aero Flight c/n 1199
EC-GXU Douglas MD83 Spanair c/n 49622
G-BYTH Airbus A320 231 My Travel c/n 0429
G-BZOG Dornier Do.328 110 ScotAirways c/n 3088
G-FJET Cessna 550/551 Citation II Private c/n 550-0419
G-JEMC British Aerospace ATP Emerald Airways c/n 2032
G-JETC Cessna 550/551 Citation II Private c/n 550-0282
G-OOAP Airbus A320 214 First Choice Airways c/n 1306
G-OXLA Boeing 737 81Q XL Airways c/n 30619
G-REDS Cessna 560 Citation Excel Private c/n 560-5167
G-RLON Britten-Norman BN-2A Trilander Mk.III Aurigny Air Services c/n 1008
TF-ARO Boeing 747 243B Air Atlanta c/n 23301
Log credit IanG

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