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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

BA Swallow II G-AFGD

BA Swallow II G-AFGD flew with the Cardiff Aeroplane Club at Pengam Moors, Cardiff before World War 2. It flew again, after many years grounded at Shobdon, on 6th June 2013 with Dave Edwards as 'test pilot'.

B.A. L 25c Swallow II c/n 469 fitted with Pobjoy Cataract 3 engine

Sir D H Caine & T H Clayton, Hanworth Aerodrome. 04/04/38 to 20/12/38.
Cardiff Aeroplane Club Ltd, Cardiff Airport (Pengam Moors). 05/01/39 to 09/08/39.
Mrs B S MacDonald & E B Taylor, Witney Aerodrome. 16/08/39, registration cancelled 11/11/40.
Impressed 01/08/40 as BK897.
Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough.
Glider Flight, Central Landing Establishment, Ringway.
Glider Training Squadron, Ringway.
"Their propellors were removed and gliding hooks attached to each wing leading edge. The Swallows were towed singly, in pairs and in threes by retired Armstrong Whitworth Whitley bombers before being released to glide to their simulated "target" on the airfield. This unusual procedure was adopted to assist the evaluation of the future use of heavy gliders in assaults on enemy positions"
Sold 13/09/43.
Restored as G-AFGD 05/08/74.
Cancelled by CAA 06/04/01.
Restored as G-AFGD 15/04/13.

Credit to Geoff Jones for the pic and story and StuC for the history.

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