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Saturday, March 21, 2009

EVENTS for 21st March

On 21st March 1946 Spitfire IX PT766 of 595 Sqn crashed at Bishopston after the pilot lost control whilst flying in cloud causing the a/c to dive vertically into the ground.

On 21st March 1950 Bristol 170 Freighter G-AHJJ departed on its second test flight from Filton after conversion from Mk.2A to Mk.21. Some 34 minutes after departure the aircraft entered a spin, crashing out of control at Cowbridge, killing all four on board. The accident investigation concluded that "The accident is a result of a structural failure of the fuselage stern frame to which the fin is attached and must be attributed to the application on the fin and rudder of a load greater than the design ultimate load. Calculations suggest that the cause of this overloading was excessive rudder movement at a speed greater than 120 knots EAS."

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