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Monday, February 2, 2009

LOG's for 2nd February

1993 St Athan
XX117/06 green/grey camo Jaguar GR.1A St Athan MU-16[R]Sqdn/226OCU marks
XX184/184 red/white Hawk T.1 St Athan MU-hack c/s "STN 04"
XX220/- barley grey Hawk T.1A St Athan MU-234Sqdn marks c/s "STN 02" (airtest)
XZ101/Q green/grey camo Jaguar GR.1A St Athan MU-41Sqdn marks
ZD906/AN a/s grey Tornado F.2 St Athan MU-229OCU marks (hangar)
ZG500/AE green Harrier GR.7 St Athan MU-3Sqdn marks (hangar)
Log credit IanG

1993 Rhoose
XV215/215 green/grey camo Hercules LTW c/s "Ascot 758" (overshoot)
Log credit IanG

1997 Rhoose
EI-BWH Partenavia P.68C Private c/n 212
EI-CDH Boeing 737 548 Aer Lingus c/n 25739
EI-CLX Cessna 310Q Private c/n 310Q-1076
G-BCKU Reims-Cessna FRA.150L Aerobat Private c/n 0256
G-BFOG Cessna 150M Private c/n 150-76223
G-BMKG Piper PA-38 112 Tomahawk Private c/n 38-82A0050
Log credit Ian Jenkins

1997 OTT
57-1497/- (-)dg grey KC-135E Stratotanker 191stARS/151stARW/UT ANG/Salt Lake City, UT c/s "Utah 63" (UG1 WB 14:27)
58-0015/- (-)dg grey KC-135R Stratotanker 72ndARS/434thARW/AFRes/Grissom AFB, IN c/s "Mash 72" (UG1 WB 10:30)
65-0220/- (-)dg grey C-141B Starlifter 305thAMW/McGuire AFB, NJ c/s "Reach 0220" (UG1 WB 12:10)
65-9413/- (-)dg grey C-141B Starlifter 305thAMW/McGuire AFB, NJ c/s "Reach 9413" (UG1 EB 12:30)
66-0153/- (-)dg grey C-141B Starlifter 756thAS/459thAW/AFRes/Andrews AFB, MD c/s "Reach 0153" (UG1 WB 14:30)
71-0876/- (-)white/grey C-9A Nighingale SHAPE/Brussells c/s "Spar 76" (UG1 EB 16:45)
87-0035/- (-)dg grey C-5B Galaxy 436thAW/Dover AFB, DE c/s "Reach 0035" (UG1 EB 11:00)
Log credit IanG

1998 St Athan
XX246/- gloss black Hawk T.1A 74[R]Sqdn/4FTS/Valley
XX332/- gloss black Hawk T.1A 74[R]Sqdn/4FTS/Valley c/s "VYT 45"
ZA594/TU grey Tornado GR.1 At Athan MU-15[R]Sqdn marks c/s "STN 04" (airtest)
ZE791/- a/s grey Tornado F.3 St Athan MU-no marks
ZF140/140 gloss black Tucano T.1 1FTS/Linton on Ouse c/s "LOP 72"
Log credit IanG

2001 St Athan
XX258/258 gloss black Hawk T.1A 4FTS/Valley c/s "VYT 75" (departed 11:25)
ZA398/- grey Tornado GR.4A St Athan MU-no marks (tugged from detuner to hangar 75 11:47)
ZA587/F grey Tornado GR.4 St Athan MU-15Sqdn marks (on metro 10:20)
ZA607/AB grey Tornado GR.4 St Athan MU-9Sqdn marks (airtest 10:29)
G-WIZO PA-34 220T Seneca III Private c/s "Clifton 14" (landed 10:20 and departed to Warton 11:12)
Log credit Bill Hodges

2002 Rhoose
D-CLBR Dassault Falcon 20 Private c/n 52
EI-SPB Cessna T.206H Turbo Stationair Private c/n T206-88753
G-BVJB Fokker F-100 bmi c/n 11488
G-BXWE Fokker F-100 bmi c/n 11327
OE-LFK Fokker F-70 Tyrolean Airways c/n 11555
Log credit Ian Jenkins

2003 OTT
65-0232/- (-)dg grey C-141C Starlifter 356thAS/449thAW/AFRC/Wright-Patterson AFB, OH c/s "Reach 5232" (UG1 WB 11:50)
66-0183/- (-)dg grey C-141B Starlifter 62ndAW/McChord AFB, WA c/s "Reach 0183" (UG1 WB 11:45)
66-0201/- (-)dg grey C-141C Starlifter 729thAS/452ndAW/AFRC/March ARB, CA c/s "Reach 201" (UG1 WB 12:20)
93-0603/- (-)dg grey C-17A Globemaster III 437thAW/Charleston AFB, SC c/s "Reach 833Y" (UG1 EB 10:00)
Log credit IanG

2004 Rhoose
TF-BBY Boeing 737-3YO Bluebird Cargo c/n 23500
Log credit Colin Cole

2004 St Athan
XV109/109 primer VC-10 C.1K St Athan MU-Ex Brize Norton (on disused 12:10 flies as "Ascot 868" 14:20)
XZ391/EB grey Jaguar GR.3A St Athan MU-6Sqdn marks c/s "STN 01" (landed 13:30)
ZA147/- grey VC-10 K.3 St Athan MU-Ex Brize Norton (at UAS 12:10)
Log credit Bill Hodges

2005 St Athan
XX237/- gloss red Hawk T.1 St Athan MU-Red Arrows marks (departed 14:15)
ZD330/11 grey Harrier GR.7 20[R]Sqdn c/s "Blazer" (emergency landing 12:50 and departed 15:20)
ZD351/- grey Harrier GR.7 20[R]Sqdn c/s "Blazer" (overshoot)
ZE201/UL a/s grey Tornado F.3 St Athan MU-no marks c/s "STN 01" (departure to Leeming 11:30)
ZH189/- red/white Vigilant T.1 634VGS/St Athan (landed 11:20)
ZJ267/67 yellow/black Squirrel HT.1 DHFS/Shawbury c/s "Shawbury 68" (landed 12:30 and departed 13:30)
G-BSSP Robin DR.400 180R Remorqueur Private (landed 13:10 to UAS and departed 13:35)
Log credit Bill Hodges

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