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Sunday, January 11, 2009

St Athan Airshow 1969

Reported by BAR at the St Athan Battle of Britain show in 1969 on ?? 9 69 were:-

XS594/594 Andover C.1 15MU/
XP282 Auster AOP.9 19MU/St AThan
XP827 Beaver AL.1 AAC
XL659/659 Britannia C.1 Lyneham Wing
WH794 Canberra PR.7 58 Sqdn/
WK514 Chipmunk T.10 Wales UAS/St Athan
XK698 8031M Comet C.2 No.4 School of TechTraining /St Athan
XS709/M Dominie T.1 1 ANS/
XP530/64 Gnat T.1 4 FTS/Valley
XV756 Harrier GR.1
[also took part in flying display during afternoon]
XV187/187 Hercules C.1 242OCU/
XF951 7947M Hunter F.4 No.4 School of Tech Training /St Athan
[“carried C/56 Sqdn Markings”]
XM458 Jet Provost T.3 St Athan MU
XR753 Lightning F.6 60MU/Leconfield
WL349 Meteor T.7 229OCU/Chivenor
XV482 Phantom FGR.2 23MU/
XJ521 VL/705 Sea Vixen F(AW).2 766 Sqdn/
XV321 Sioux T.2??? 15MU/
T6296/LS Tiger Moth Lee On Solent S.F
XA939 Victor BK.1A 214 Sqdn/
XM654 Vulcan B.2 44 Sqdn/

Historic Aircraft
Avro 504K
RD253 Beaufighter X
Fiat CR.42
EE549 Meteor F.3
WS843 Meteor NF(T).14
K4972 Hart Trainer
MK356 Spitfire IX
120227 He-162
12-GH BF-109E
Watkins Monoplane

No. 4 School of Technical Training “Maintenance Hangar”
(WH701) 7650M Canberra B.2
(WP905) 7438M Chipmunk T.10
(WT567) 7489M/’B’ Hunter F.1
(WT619) 7525M Hunter F.1
(WW637) 7518M Hunter F.1
(WW644) 7521M Hunter F.1
(WT746) 7770M Hunter F.4
(WW590) 7769M/’E’ Hunter F.4
(XF974) 7946M/’G’ Hunter F.4
(XF982) 7946M/’F’ Hunter F.4
(XF998) 7950M/’D’ Hunter F.4
(WA577) 7718M Sycamore HC.14
XP345 Whrilwind HAR.10

St AThan MU storage facility
XK406 Auster AOP.9 with XP247 and XR236
XV270 Beaver AL.1
[Also present were 3 Victor aircraft – one believed to be XL164]

MT-5 CM-170R Magister RBAF Diables Rouges
MT-6 CM-170R Magister RBAF Diables Rouges
MT-9 CM-170R Magister RBAF Diables Rouges
MT-11 CM-170R Magister RBAF Diables Rouges
MT-15 CM-170R Magister RBAF Diables Rouges
MT-17 CM-170R Magister RBAF Diables Rouges
64-0877 F-4C 92ndTFS/Bentwaters AFB
4 x ? F-4C 92ndTFS/Bentwaters AFB
[formation flypast]
5366 F-100D 77thTFS/Wethersfield AFB
4 x ? F-100D 77thTFS/Wethersfield AFB
[formation flypast]
XP825 Beaver AL.1 132 Flight/
XV867 ‘LM/611’ Buccaneer S.2 803 Sqdn/Lossiemouth
XM498/498 Brittannia Lyneham Wing/Lyneham
WP871 Chipmunk T.10 Wales UAS/St Athan
WP962/O Chipmunk T.10 3 AEF/ [possible loan to Wales UAS]
XP915 Comet 3 RAE Bedford/Bedford
XS727/D Dominie T.1 1 ANS/
XS729/G Dominie T.1 1 ANS/
XS734/I Dominie T.1 1 ANS/
XS737/K Dominie T.1 1 ANS/
XP226 ‘BY/763’ Gannet AEW.3 849 Sqdn Base Flight/Brawdy
XV293/293 Hercules C.1 Fairford Wing/Fairford
XE716 ‘-/-’ Hunter GA.11 738 Sqdn/Brawdy
WV374 ‘BY/795’ Hunter GA.11 738 Sqdn/Brawdy
WT713 ‘BY/787’ Hunter GA.11 738 Sqdn/Brawdy
WT741 ‘-/-’ Hunter GA.11 738 Sqdn/Brawdy
WT808 ‘BY/792’ Hunter GA.11 738 Sqdn/Brawdy
XE717 ‘BY/786’ Hunter GA.11 738 Sqdn/Brawdy
XF297 ‘BY/781’ Hunter GA.11 738 Sqdn/Brawdy
[All Rough Diamonds Display aircraft]
XL572/83 Hunter T.7 229OCU/Chivenor
XL576/81 Hunter T.7 229OCU/Chivenor
XL577/82 Hunter T.7 229OCU/Chivenor
XL623/88 Hunter T.7 229OCU/Chivenor
XN600 Jet Provost T.3 19MU/St Athan
XS211/14 Jet Provost T.4 CAW/
XS2(45)/18 Jet Provest T.4 CAW/
XR654 Jet Provost T.4 CAW/
XR647/15 Jet Provost T.4 CAW/
XR660/17 Jet Provost T.4 CAW/
XS922/H Lightning F.6 5 Sqdn/Binbrook
XS898/K Lightning F.6 5 Sqdn/Binbrook
XS926/B Lightning F.6 5 Sqdn/Binbrook
[latter two were in “tow” with the Victor BK.1A]
XT906 Phantom FGR.2 228OCU/
XT911 Phantom FGR.2 228OCU/
XN699 ‘VL/752’ Sea Vixen F(AW).2 890 Sqdn/
XR806 VC-10 C.1 10 Sqdn/Brize Norton
XH619 Victor BK.1A not reported
XS486 ‘R/A’ Wessex HU.5 848 Sqdn/Yeovilton
XP346 Whirlwind HAR.10 22 Sqdn/Brawdy

Also flying was a further Phantom FG.1/FGR.2 reported at the time as either XT861 [FG.1] or XT891 [FGR.2
] – no
marks being reported

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