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Sunday, January 11, 2009

St Athan Airshow 18/09/1965

Reported by Air Britain at the St Athan Battle of Britain show on 18th September 1965 were:

62-4462 T-39A 20thTFW/RAF Wethersfield
(7708M) G-ALBO Brittannia 4 SoTT/St Athan
WH701 7659M Canberra B.2 4 SoTT/St Athan
WP804 Chipmunk T.10 University of Wales AS/St Athan
XP532/32 Gnat T.1 4 FTS/Valley
WW594 Hunter FR.10
(7811M) XH900 Javelin 4 SoTT/St Athan
XN554/60 Jet Provost T.3 CFS/
RI+JK Ju-87G-2 Stuka Station Museum

(7755M) WG760 Lightning P-1A 4 SoTT/St Athan
WS726/G Meteor NF.14 1 ANS/
XS582 "VL/722" Sea Vixen FAW.2 766 Sqdn
XJ771/E Vampire T.11
(WP201) 7707M Valiant B.1 4 SoTT/St Athan
WL676/M Varsity T.1 5 FTS/
(XA924) 7844M Victor B.1 4 SoTT/St Athan
XS531/65 Wasp HAS.1
XM927 ‘(CU)/575’ Wessex HAS. 706 Sqdn/Culdrose
XL835 ‘BY/13’ Whirlwind Brawdy ASR/Brawdy

No. 4 School of Technical Training “Maintenance Hangar”
N1671 Defiant
(WG725) 7703M Dragonfly HR.5
(WT559) 7493M Hunter F.1
WT560 (7488M) Hunter F.1
(WT568) 7490M Hunter F.1
(WT567) 7489M/B Hunter F.1
(WT619) 7525M Hunter F.1
(WV378) 7682M Hunter F.4
7760M Javelin FAW. (incorrect, 7760M was a Vampire, not at Saints)
(WW421) 7689M Provost T.1
(WV444) 7692M Provost T.1
(WV483) 7693M Provost T.1
(WV541) 7699M Provost T.1
(WA577) 7718M Sycamore HC.14

XN855/855 Argosy C.1 242 OCU/
XP282 Auster AOP.9 19MU/St Athan
WP851 Chipmunk T.10 University of Wales UAS/St Athan
XK716/716 Comet C. 216 Sqdn/
WV374 Hunter GA.11 736 Sqdn/
XF515/60 Hunter 229 OCU/Chivenor
XA711 Javelin FAW.5 A&AEE/Boscombe Down
XP641/34 Jet Provost T.3 2 FTS/
XN728 Lightning F.2 92 Sqdn/
XN732 Lightning F.2 92 Sqdn/
XN735 Lightning F.2 92 Sqdn/
XN793 Lightning F.2 92 Sqdn/
WA593 Meteor
GA+102 Noratlas West German Air Force

WR952/E Shackleton 42 Sqdn/St Mawgan
WZ476 Vampire T.11
WF326/I Varsity T.1 S FTS/
WJ941/G Varsity T.1 S FTS/
WL623/L Varsity T.1 S FTS/
WL630/N Varsity T.1 S FTS/
XH615 Victor B.1

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