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Sunday, January 25, 2009

25th June 1994 Airshow

Noted by MikeyF at the “At Home Airshow” on 25th June 1994 were:

E-606 F-16A ESk-730/ AFB Danish AF
ET-612 F-16B ESk-730/ AFB Danish AF
501 red Mig-21PF St Athan MU [RAF Benevolent Fund ex Hungarian AF]
94+12 Mil-8 MNHG/German Navy
T-417 S Supporter T.17 Karup Stn Flight?Danish AF
45+44 Tornado MFG-2/German Navy
XV352 Buccaneer S.2B St Athan MU [237 OCU marks]
XW527 Buccaneer S.2B St Athan MU [16 Sqdn marks]
XX900 Buccaneer S.2B St Athan MU [12 Sqdn marks]
XX628/04 Bulldog T.1 Wales UAS/St Athan
WP515/CD Canberra B.2 CTTS/St Athan
WD955/EM Canberra T.17A 360 Sqdn/Wyton
XX172 Hawk T.1 St Athan S.F
XX205/V Hawk T.1A 92[R] Sqdn/Valley
XX285/CH Hawk T.1A 100 Sqdn/Finningley
XX261/DH Hawk T.1A 208[R] Sqdn/Valley with XX324/DM

XV297/297 Hercules C.1 LTW/Lyneham
XX763/9009M Jaguar GR.1 CTTS/St Athan
XW206 Puma HC.1 33 Sqdn/Odiham
ZD579 Sea Harrier FRS.1 St Athan MU
PK624/RAU-T Spitfire F.22 St Athan Store
RW393/XT-A Spitfire XVie St Athan Store
ZA544 Tornado GR.1 St Athan MU
ZE908 /FC Tornado F.3 25 Sqdn/Leeming
ZE787/HM Tornado F.3 111 Sqdn/Leuchars
ZE564 Viking TX.1 634 VGS/St Athan
(G-BCAH)/WG316 Chipmunk T.10 Private
K2572/(G-AOZH) Tiger Moth Private
N6965/(G-AJTW) Tiger Moth Private – coded FL-J

XP502/(8576M) Gnat T.1 CCAS/St Athan hangar 333
ZD992 Harrier T.4 St Athan MU
XX239 Hawk T.1 St Athan MU
MK356 Spitfire IX St Athan MU – parts only [aircraft on rebuild with MU elsewhere]

Picketston Area
XX889 Buccaneer S.2B St Athan MU [208 Sqdn marks] along with XX895, XX899, XX901

WK126/843 Canberra TT.18 (outside store - ex FRADU/Yeovilton) with WJ614/846

AT-03 AlphaJet 9 Wing/RBAF – spcl marks with AT-14, AT-29

84+33 CH-53G HFR-35/German Army
FA-107 F-16A 1 Wing/FAB
FA-135 F-16A 1 Wing/FAB
XR244 Auster AOP.9 AACHF/Middle Wallop
XP820 Beaver AL.1 AACHF/Middle Wallop
XX612/05 Bulldog T.1 Wales UAS/St Athan with XX625/01, XX626/02 and XX627/03

XW862/D Gazelle HT.2 2 FTS/Shawbury
ZD433/D Harrier GR.7 2O[R]Sqdn/Wittering
ZD326/F Harrier GR.7 20 [R]Sqdn/Wittering
XX235 Hawk T.1 74[R]Sqdn/Valley – spcl colours
XX244 Hawk T.1 74[R]Sqdn/Valley – spcl colours
+ nine examples of Red Arrows Hawk T.1/T.1A
XV182/182 Hercules C.1 LTW/Lyneham
XV218/218 Hercules C.1 LTW/Lyneham
PZ865/J Hurricane II BBMF/Coningsby
XX116 Jaguar GR.1A 16[R] Sqdn/Lossiemouth – spcl marks
PA474/WS-J Lancaster B.1 BBMF/Coningsby
ZD252 ‘-/303’ Lynx HAS.3 815 Sqdn/Portland
XV228 28 Nimrod MR.2 Kinloss Wing
XT131/B Sioux AH.1 AACHF/Middle Wallop
XL814 Skeeter AOP.12 AACHF/Middle Wallop
PM631 Spitfire PRX.IX BBMF/Coninsgby
ZE785/AT Tornado F.3 56[R] Sqdn/Coningsby
ZA458 Tornado GR.1 Bruggen Wing
ZA559/F Tornado GR.1 15[R] Sqdn/Lossiemouth – spcl marks
ZD715/DB Tornado GR.1 31 Sqdn/Bruggen
ZG794/DJ Tornado GR.1 31 Sqdn/Bruggen – no Sqdn marks
ZA491/FK Tornado GR.1 12 Sqdn/Lossiemouth
ZA409/FQ Tornado GR.1 12 Sqdn/Lossiemouth
ZF408/408 Tucano T.1 1 FTS/Linton On Ouse
ZF511/511 Tucano T.1 1 FTS/Linton On Ouse
XV722/WH Wessex HC.2 2 FTS/Shawbury
G-TIMM/(XM693) Gnat T.1 Private

CF-01 Merlin IIIA 21 Sqdn/Melsbroek AFB/RBelgianAF
ZD704 BAe 125 CC.3 32 Sqdn/Northolt
ZA140/A VC-10 K.2 St Athan Store [101 Sqdn marks]

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