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Sunday, January 25, 2009

15th September 1984 Airshow + Kings Cup Airrace

Seen at the Battle of Britain Airshow at St Athan by Mikeyf on 15th Sept 1984 were: Pics thanks to Keith Morgan.

41/10-SG Mirage F.1 EC-10/French AF

41/10-SG Mirage F.1
J-266 F-16B TCA/Leeuwarden AFB/Netherlands AF

J-266 F-16A
J-271 F-16B TCA/Leeuwarden AFB/Netherlands AF

J-271 F-16A
XS792 Andover CC.2 32 Sqdn/Northolt

XS792 Andover CC.2
XV869/MF Buccaneer S.2B 12 Sqdn/Lossiemouth

XV869/MF Buccaneer S.2B
WJ981/EN Canberra T.17 360 Sqdn/Wyton

WJ981/EN Canberra T.17
XV814 Comet 4 RAE/Boscombe Down

XV814 Comet 4
XS728/E Dominie T.1 6 FTS/Finningley

XS728/E Dominie T.1
XW769 Harrier GR.3 St Athan MU

XW769 Harrier GR.3
FT375 Harvard IIB AAEE/Boscombe Down

FT325 Harvard IIB
XX203/203 Hawk T.1 63 Sqdn/Chivenor

XX203/203 Hawk T.1
XX308/308 Hawk T.1 4 FTS/Valley

XX308/308 Hawk T.1
XL568/ZF Hunter T.7 12 Sqdn/Lossiemouth

XL568/ZF Hunter T.7
XW301/63 Jet Provest T.5 1 FTS/

XW301/63 Provost T.5
XX496/D Jetstream T.1 6 FTS/Finningley

XX496/D Jetstream T.1
XR773 Lightning F.6 St Athan MU

XR773 Lightning F.6
WH453/L Meteor D.16 RAE Llanbedr

WH453/L Meteor D.16
XV485/W Phantom FGR.2 29 Sqdn/Coningsby

XV485/W Phantom FRG.2
XV496 Phantom FGR.2 St Athan MU

XV496 Phantom FGR.2
XR597 Scout AH.1 AAC Recruiting Unit

ZD719 Tornado GR.1 St Athan MU
ZD719 Tornado GR.1 ZD719 Tornado GR.1
XL191 Victor K.2 St Athan MU

XL191 Victor K.2
"XX824" Jaguar GR.1 model RAF Recruiting
XX824 Jaguar GR.1 (Replica)
"B-50" Tornado GR.1 model RAF Recruiting
..../B-50 Tornado GR-1 (Replica)

81-0963/WR A-10A 81stTFW/Woodbridge
69-0383/AR RF-4C Phantom 10thTRW/Alconbury
80-0572/HR F-16A 50thTFW/Hahn AFB/USAFE
80-0612/HR F-16A 50thTFW/Hahn AFB/USAFE
AT-08 Alpha Jet A+TU/Brustum AFB
XX508 BAe125 CC.2 32 Sqdn/Northolt
ZE395 BAe125 CC.3 32 Sqdn/Northolt
XV333/DF Buccaneer S.2B 12 Sqdn/Lossiemouth
XW863/‘CU/(5)42’ Gazelle HT.2 705 Sdqn/Culdrose
XW891/‘CU/(5)49’., XW907‘CU/(5)40’,XX431 ‘CU/(5)43’ XX441 ‘CU/(5)38’XV758/J Harrier GR.3 233 OCU/Wittering
XW922/K Harrier GR.3 233 OCU/Wittering
XX296/296 Hawk T.1 4 FTS/Valley
XV182/182 Hercules C.1 LTW/Lyneham
XV292/292 Hercules C.1 LTW/Lyneham
XZ361/25 Jaguar GR.1 226 OCU/Lossiemouth
XZ372/04 Jaguar GR.1 226 OCU/Lossiemouth
XW419/CF/125 Jet Provest T.5 7 FTS/Church Fenton
XP749/BK2 Lightning F.3 LTF/Binbrook
XR718/BK1 Lightning F.3 LTF/Binbrook
WA669 Meteor T.7 CFS Vintage Pair/Cranwell
XV574/Z Phantom FG.1 111 Sqdn/Leuchars
XV591/M Phantom FG.1 111 Sqdn/Leuchars
XW200/FA Puma HC.1 33 Sqdn/Odiham

XW200/FA Puma HC.1
WG655 ‘GN/910’ Sea Fury RNHF/Yeovilton
ZA195 ‘-/710’ Sea Harrier FRS.1 899 Sqdn/Yeovilton
WR963/63 Shackleton AEW.2 8 Sqdn/Lossiemouth
ZA609/02 Tornado GR.1 27 Sqdn/Marham
ZA613/04 Tornado GR.1 27 Sqdn/Marham
XH304 Vampire T.11 CFS Vintage Pair/Cranwell
XV105/105 VC-10 C.1 10 Sqdn/Brize Norton
ZA144/E VC-10 K.2 101 Sqdn/Brize Norton
XL426 Vulcan B.2 VDF/Waddington

ZD651 Vanguard TX.1 Loan to 634 VGS/St Athan?

There was the 51st King’s Cup Air Race taking part during the air display timings and confirmed visitors were:

Military aircraft were:
XX633/X Bulldog T.1 Northumbrian UAS/
WP809/912 Chipmunk T.10 BRNC/Plymouth
WP809/912-78 Chipmunk T.10
WK643/G Chipmunk T.10 FSS/Swinderby
WK643/G-6 Chipmunk T.10
Civilian aircraft reported by John alias “Victor Tanker” – (many thanks) were:
G-AFLW Miles M.17 private
G-ARYI Cessna 172C private
G-ASZV Tipsy T.66 Nipper –II private
G-AYWM Victa Airtourer T.4 private
G-AZDA Beagle B121-100 Pup private


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