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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thruxton Jackaroo G-APJV at Rhoose 1970's

The below request was recently made on the main site
ATTENTION all Ex members of SWAPS (Wales Aircraft Museum).
In the late 70's a friend of mine (JGF) discovered an airframe in a hedgerow in a field adjacent to the Museum. He alerted staff there who looked at it and identified it as a Tiger Moth. One chap took the data plate and said he would try to identify it, nothing was heard of it after this. If anyone can remember this and perhaps shed any light on the subject can you please contact me at my email address of ..many thanks IanG
The response :-
I have today (15/12/08) received the following information from Mike Kemp regarding the above:-

"as for the T/Moth hulk I suspect it would in fact have been a Thruxton Jackaroo which was rotting away in the late '60's nr the original fire-station which was roughly at c51' 24.02 x 3' 20.22 along with an old Meteor. I have no idea of the regs but will attempt to find out, there were supposed to have been some a/c remains at c51' 24.09 x 3' 20.55 which would have nr the old Met building the Royal Observer Corps also had an underground Obs' post nr here so maybe Bob Clarke could help on that one"...many thanks (IanG)

With thanks to Malcolm Fillmore on the Air-Britain Information Exchange the history of the Jackaroo is as follows(StuC):

G‑AMTX c/n 83850 ex T7446 (Sold Wiltshire School of Flying 3.4.51) Regd 6.8.52 to The Wiltshire School of Flying Ltd, Thruxton. Not converted but reregd as a Thruxton Jackaroo 11.5.59. The mock‑up non‑flying Jackaroo was painted as G‑AMTX but has been reported as being made up of a collection of bits and pieces. Regn cld as pwfu 18.6.69. This aircraft had been, in fact, regd G‑APJV 1.1.58 (using identity "N7446") to The Wiltshire School of Flying Ltd as a Thruxton Jackaroo. CofA issued 30.1.59. Regd 23.3.59 to Glamorgan Aviation Ltd, Rhoose. Overturned taxying Rhoose 18.4.60 and presumed not rebuilt (but see next entries); CofA lapsed 12.2.61. Regn cld as pwfu 27.10.62. Remains stored Rhoose 4.63.

Further reports state this was seen regularly at Denham in 1961 see picture at

From the Group, and with thanks to Bernard Martin:

As I have already reported, G-APJV was first noted behind the blister hangar (at Denham) - my notebook does not indicate any status. However, when it was logged on 25.7.61 it was outside the Clubhouse area. For those unfamiliar with the Denham airfield layout - the blister was (and still is) on the Northern side and the Clubhouse was (and still is, although long rebuilt) on the Southern side of the airfield. It would seem most unlikely that a substantial wreck would have been trundled across the airfield ! Scanning through BCAN shows that in the 8.6.63 issue, a Rhoose report for 13.4.63 said that the wrecked fuselage of G-APJV was still behind the fire station. HOWEVER, it also says "which crashed last year" and, in that context that meant 1962. Denis Fox was not usually that sloppy in editing to be a year or more out of kilter.That suggests (despite a lack of any CofA details post 12.2.61) that G-APJV may well have been flying during 1962. Certainly, that would explain why it could have been at Denham and then returned to Rhoose in late 1961. It does not make any sense for a wreck to have been transported from Rhoose to Denham and back again.

From John Mead, on the same Group:
"I was shown the Jackaroo fuselage frame, which at that time formed part of the Aerodrome fence, during my first tour of the aerodrome on posting there in 1969. I believe that it stayed there until the site clearance for the BAMC development."

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