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Monday, December 22, 2008

St Athan "Battle of Britain" Airshow 16/09/1961

With due credit to a member of Air Britain the following were recorded at the Battle of Britain Airshow.

0-16645 T-33A USAFE RAF Sculthorpe
WJ825 Canberra PR.7
XL587/91 Hunter T.7 229OCU/Chivenor
XM425/R-L Jet Provost T.3 CFS
WA721 Meteor T.7
XL820/L Sycamore HR.14 CFS
XP293 Twin Pioneer CC.2
WF422/M Varsity T.1
(WP201) 7707M Valiant B.1 No.4 SoTT/St Athan
G-ALBO 7708M Britannia No.4 SoTT/St Athan

Historic Aircraft Display
N1671 Defiant I
RI+JK Ju-87G-2

No. 4 School of Technical Training "Maintenance Hangar"
(WK259) 7331M Swift F.3 (reported as Anson)
WH668 7590M Canberra B.2
WN957 7407M Hunter F.5 (reported as WN907, which was 7416M)
WW644 7521M Hunter F.1
XA544 7558M Javelin FAW.1 (reported as XA554, which was 7662M)
XA627 7661M Javelin FAW.1
XA755 7725M Javelin FAW.4
WL505 7705M Vampire FB.9. later to the RAF Museum St Athan annex

Below are copies of the official flying/static programme (thanks to John Adams) on thumbnail to get the full size image

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