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Monday, January 26, 2015

Rhoose Airport in the 60's - [5] International Air Races 1962 with thanks to Colin Dodds

Noted at the Air Races 1962 were the following (Pics Colin Dodds)

G-ABUS Comper CLA.7 Swift (c/n S.32/4)
web 7 Comper Swift

G-ABVE Arrow Active 2 (c.n 2)
Uknown Arrow Active MkII

G-AHKY Miles M.18 Srs.2 (c/n 4426)
web 8 Miles M-18

G-APFV Piper PA-23 160 Apache (now based at Peterhead)

G-APZS Cessna 175A Skylark (c/n 56677)
web 12 G-APZS

G-ARAT Cessna 180C (c/n 50827)
web 13 G-ARAT

G-ARCG Piper PA-22 150 Tri-Pacer

G-ARCI Cessna 310D (c/n 39266)
web 11 Cessna 310

G-ARET Piper PA-22 160 Tri-Pacer
G-ARGY Piper PA-22 160 Tri-Pacer (now based at Wellesbourne-Mountford)

plus DH Heron XH375 (Queens Flight with the Duke of Edinburgh)
Duke of Edinburgh about to board Rhoose 1962

Plus the following unidentified machines ..can anyone help i'd them please.
This has now been indentified and is Aircoupe G-ARHA ..cheers Mike

web 14 Ercoupe
web 15 Ercoupe

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